The Most Amazing Student Apps Today

Modern technology has been playing its role in almost each individual’s life today. It’s undeniable that students are the ones, most influenced by the recent inventions in society. Smartphones and other mobile devices offer a lot more to students than their social life or to combat boredom. It assists in expanding their education through quick and convenient means.

There are several amazing apps readily available at the touch of a screen which allows students to perform at the optimum levels and gather amazing academic results. These apps even assist in gaining accredited life experience degree.

Let’s have a look at the some of the top apps available today for students that can assist them to carry out everyday study task in a more efficient way, while they are on the go. But, make sure you don’t get too much use to it as they all are addictive in nature. Don’t complain later, you’ve been warned already!

Study Buddy
We all require someone that can keep us alert to perform better academically. In short, we need a personal study coach. With Study Buddy app, you can. Now improve your study habits, as Study Buddy app allows you to keep a track of your study time versus the distraction time. It gives you the efficiency report and assists you to get back on track from the unwanted breaks that just linger. It even notes the time duration you have been on the phone, so you can’t sneak for a quick chat with your friends. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

This app allows students to utilize a variety of learning modes, including study modes and study games. Ranging from Flashcard, Speller, Learn, Test, and Scatter Game to the Space race game. Quizlet study tools are free of charge and available on iOS and Android devices.


Why learn to speak a single language when you have the opportunity to learn speak all? Duolingo apps offer makes it easy for students to learn and understand several languages free of cost. All you require to choose your desired language to learn – from German, French, Spanish and others – with no necessity of the prior knowledge and understanding of the languages is required. Apart from the web browser, the app is available for all iOS and Android Devices.

You don’t need to juggle every time in writing quality notes from now on! Evernote search for notes on any topic over the internet, allow note recordings and store media for study assistance. This useful app is available for several iOS and Android mobile devices.

Gone are the days when you need to go through all those dictionaries to increase your language competency. With vocabology, students can easily build and enhance their vocabulary. The app allows students to learn new words in multiple languages which fit their style and requirements. The app is available for all iOS devices.


Now you don’t require a pen and a paper to make a list of the tasks you need to perform on the everyday basis. With Todo you can easily compile any to-do at the spot on your mobile device and carry your schedule in the pocket anywhere you go.

The app allows you to sync your task with the calendar, categorize and set reminders for them on a daily, weekly and on a monthly basis. The app has the ability to sync with windows and readily available for all iOS and Android mobile devices. (Mobile)
It is an essential app for all students who want to expand their vocabulary through quick means. The app enables you to travel with a pocket-friendly dictionary and doesn’t even require an active internet connection once you download the whole dictionary.


The app has voice-activated search capabilities and includes features like word of the day updates. It is available for Blackberry, iOS, Android, Google Kindle and web browsers.

Google Drive and Google Translate
The trends in education are getting advanced each day, and so does the online assistance for students. Google drive allows you to save 15Gbs worth of documents for absolutely free. While the Google Translate app assists students to translate over 100 languages whenever they are struggling with a foreign language. Both these useful apps are available for iOS and Android devices.

Do you know other apps which everyone can use to stay on top of their studies?

Jessica Thompson is a U.S. native, earned a graduation in degree in the field of IT. Since the early age, she has a keen interest in the use of apps that has assisted her to study with efficiency. She has got into the field of writing unintentionally and started enjoying it eventually


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