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Mobile Payments

The time when we don’t have to carry our wallets filled with receipts, cash, credit cards, loyalty cards and a lot more clutter to grocery stores and restaurants is fast approaching. There has been a buzz about mobile payments since the last couple of years.

Several different companies have provided platforms to make it possible and today it is possible to make transactions using our phones. Mobile payments are a very convenient payment method as they save consumers a lot of time. The ques at the checkout counters have started moving faster which is proving to be very beneficial for businesses.

Undoubtedly one of the biggest movers in the mobile payments industry, this famous company is sure providing services to help people pay through their phones. Paypal express pay helps consumers choose between in-App payment and mobile Internet payments. Today, most people have a paypal account which makes the process of making mobile payments go mainstream, easier.

Google wallet
Google wallet can also be categorized as few of the major players that would make mobile payments mainstream. Google wallet hasn’t done a great job when it comes to advertising their product as employees at payment terminals aren’t well aware of it but regardless of that, it works. You can pay using your phone without the intervention of an employee which has made the checkout process significantly fast. Since mobile payments are still new and most people haven’t gotten accustomed to the idea of using their phone to pay bills, managers haven’t gotten around to training their employees about mobile payments.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s cofounder is the founder of square as well, which uses a white square to make mobile payments take place. It’s easily affordable by majority of people and no additional fee is required to set it up.

TabbedOut has used clever strategies to market itself which have made TabbedOut a popular mobile payment method. You can punch your credit card information into it and then you can go anywhere with nothing more than your phone to make payments. TabbedOut is free for its customers so you can pay your tab anytime with your smart phone without the fear of additional charges being applied to your bill.

Bitcoin for android operates in a way that you’re able to receive payments on your smartphone very easily. You’re able to process payments without availability of network connection by waiting until the connection is restored. Bitcoin for android is absolutely free and using this app will increase your chances of getting Geek Cred.

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