7 FAQs about HL7 Healthcare Answered

HL7 Healthcare

If you are unfamiliar with HL7 or the Health Level 7 Healthcare, then you may have heard a lot of questions concerning it. Here are some of the frequently asked questions answered:

  1. What is the HL7 Healthcare?

Health Level Seven International is one of the many American National Standards Institute (ANSI) that are currently operating in the healthcare field. The name refers to the seven levels in the Open Systems Interconnections model of which the seventh level is the Application Level. It provides certain standards that help improve the prompt delivery of care, optimization of the workforce, decreases any ambiguity, and improve knowledge transfer among their shareholders which includes healthcare providers, government agencies, patients, vendors, and other Standard Developing Organizations.

  1. How is the HL7 organized?

The members of HL7 are organized into what is called the Work Groups and all members are deeply encouraged to be a part of all the Work Groups. These groups are concerned with defining the standards for each section of HL7 healthcare. A work group is usually chaired or co-chaired by one or two of the members.

  1.     How can someone become a member?

 The meetings of the Health Level Seven International are always open, in the sense that anybody who is interested can attend them. On their website, anyone interested can find the various Work Groups that they host and can check the date and time for the next Work Group meeting. Each group has their own electronic mailing system which can be subscribed to for further details or invitations to conference calls of the Work Group. Since this is a volunteer organization, any service, no matter how big or small, is all done willingly by the members.

  1.     Why should you become a member?

The expansion of this organization will help enhance the development of a cost-effective method of system connectivity. For this, the greater the number of volunteers who decide to become a member, the more chances there are for the organization to become successful in its mission.

  1.     What are the different kinds of memberships available?

Under the HL7 Healthcare, there are mainly three kinds of membership available.

  • An individual membership that is aimed at those who have a personal interest in the organization and what it does.
  • The organizational membership which is crucial to those who rely on these standards as part of their business plan. A very critical standard is the right to distribute among their organizations any excerpts of the standards or the standards itself.
  • The third kind is the affiliate membership in the HL7.
  1. When does registration for meetings and events open?

All registrations for meetings and events open thirty days prior to the start of the said meeting or event. Anyone interested can join the meetings and become a member by simply joining the conference calls or being part of the listserv of the particular Work Group.

  1.     Whom can I contact if I have more questions?

In case there are more questions that are not covered by the above FAQs, which you would like to be answered, then the HL7 staff can be contacted directly for assistance and guidance. The contact details for each staff member are easily available on their website.

The organization’s website provides a very clear view of the bases it covers. Before contacting the staff directly, going through the website on your own can help clear up a lot of things. Those who are interested may even log in to the website and update the mailing addresses and other details if required.

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