What You Say! Android Is Better Than PC?

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Android phones are taking over the world by storm and not only that it is replacing the desktop computers and PC. As smartphones and Android allow users to access the internet on their cell phones, the entire scenario is changed and it has become an alternative for the PC as well.

The Android allows users to fully access the internet, browse websites, watch videos on YouTube, make documents on Word, share and take pictures and above all make a backup of their data which helps them utilize their storage capacity to its peak.

Now the question arises, is it good to say that Android is better than PC?
Not only the sales and purchase of the PC has declined over the years but also it has affected the number of production of PCs per year. All these drastic changes occur over a period of few years. Therefore it is proven that people have taken Android as a better alternative for the PC.

How Android is better than PC:
There are many reasons that can give edge using Android over the PC. There are a lot of features in the Android which makes it more comfortable for the user, its convenience and features are better than PC which helps you get a better chance of using Android. The small size, compatibility in use, quick results, more connection on the internet provides easy and fast use of Android which is not found in PC. Some of the following features are listed in this article.

#1. Android is a mini PC:
Android has many applications, software, and features which you use to do on your PC. There is just a few things which required you to open your PC nowadays, for all lot of things you can use your Android to fulfill the task. It is easy to use and carry as well as support all the function for which PC was required such as:

↣ Making and editing documents.
↣ Making presentations
↣ Editing pictures
↣ Sharing documents
↣ Sending, receiving and managing emails
↣ Complete access to your social media
↣ Keeps you connected with your contacts
↣ Notifications when you receive any email, message or activity on social media
↣ Makes notes, sets alarm, make an appointment and set a reminder to keep you organized.

#2. Android is more personalized than PC:
The Androids are more personalized than PC and have the advantage of customization according to your needs and requirements. As PCs are usually used by multiple users, it is difficult to maintain a personalized and customized PC. On the other hand, the Android are designed according to your wants. It helps you strategies your schedules and plans. You can customize entire look of your Android as per your liking including exterior and interior of the Android like wallpapers, pictures, and back covers of your smartphones.

↣ Android goes wherever you go, easy to carry.
↣ Tracks where are you
↣ Keeps you connected to the internet
↣ Keeps you connected to the social media
↣ Knows and recognize your voice
↣ Corrects you spell mistakes and typos
↣ Remember your browser history
↣ Remember your preferences
↣ Portable and easy to charge
↣ Doesn’t required permanent electric supply

#3. Androids are more convenient to use:
Imagine using your PC anywhere, anytime and for any purpose. Android are replaced by PC and used for multiple reasons anywhere you want. This advantage of Android makes it more powerful as people nowadays like to have more personal space and mobility to do work. The Androids have come up with many options for the people running the small business, wants more interaction on social media and want more access to your work from anywhere.

#4. Application development:
Android doesn’t stop your here, it helps you get your application developed for the things you want to use and customize the requirements of your business, company, and services. This is a great opportunity for the business view which allows your idea access by the potential and current customers. There are many application developers which make Apps according to your requirement and your business idea will be in your hands within days.

#5. Data storage and Backup:
The android not only allows you to do all the tasks which were previously done by the PC. But this also allows you to use free data backups and storage space which can be accessed anywhere in the world by you. This also helps you to keep and store as much data as you want. This option is not available on the PC and once the hard disk is damaged all your data is on an edge of lost, therefore the data backup allows you to save data in case your Android has a problem or your smartphone is broken. The safety of data is also an essential part of the Android system.

Few things which your Android can’t and PC can DO!
Yes, there is a long list of what your Android do instead of PC but surely there are many things which your Android cannot do and you still need your old good PC. The main issue in the smartphones is low screen resolutions, and a small display screen which prevents you from accomplishing all your goals such as designing graphics, using Photoshop software, completing large assignments, making detailed presentations etc. The idea of PC was to accomplish long hours of work on a big display screen which allows good graphics as well. Although you can play games on Android but not all games can be played on the Android such as large games, large files and games or files which have heavy and takes more space on your storage. Therefore when it comes to large files, PC is the best alternative.

↣ You can play heavy games
↣ Manage and edit large files and documents
↣ Supports high graphic files and games
↣ Enables you to edit and manage graphic designs
↣ Provides large and variety of font for long working hours.
↣ Helps you maintain long term work for long period of time.

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