Cell Phones Video Games Addiction

Cell Phones Video Games

The old days are gone when people use to of taking books with them in order to read them in their leisure time and get knowledge and information. Now the scenario is totally changed since the smartphone technology has introduced into the world, we see people every age group using mobile phones and even more than that busy in playing cell phone video games.

The people who mostly use their cell phone or smartphone often become addicted to the video games available in their devices. Addicted persons usually complaining different sort of pains in their body most importantly about their neck muscles. They use smartphones and play video games as the compulsory subject, so addiction may cause them some serious issues to their cognitive skills.

People play smartphone video games like 7 Mages, Dirac, Fallout Shelter, Dream machine and quantum moves are one of the most popular smartphones video games among the general public. Therefore, ignoring important businesses and playing games on their smartphones often cost mostly younger generation in their studies, health issues and behavior changes issues as well.

How to tackle the smartphone video games addiction?
The cell phone video games addiction could be very harmful to anyone’s life and to health. Following are some steps which are helpful to avoid addiction of video games on smartphones and prevent addiction if you are already obsessed.

Realize The Responsibility:
It is not the video game actually which is responsible for making anyone addicted to it, it is actually the person who choose to play all day long. So, realize the responsibility, suppose that you are addicted to the video game then think if you don’t try to break your addiction then no one will come to prevent you from the cell phone video games addiction.

Understand the Impact:
If you are addicted to some particular games available on your phone and you are not willing to leave them at once, then don’t break your addiction by understanding the impact of that particular game on your health and on your social behavior.

If you are playing the video games on your device regularly and spent the number of hours in a single day, then surely you are suffering from health issues like muscle problems, eye infection and other cognitive issues as well. Socially your behavior always stays rude because of ill patrons of sleeping. So try to decrease the play timing and think about the negative impacts.

Don’t blame others:
It is very easy to put the blame of everything on others rather that admitting your own fault. So, don’t say it is actually responsible who had created this particular mobile game. The manufacturer has made the game for the sake of entertainment for some little time when the user is feeling lonely or free. So admit your own mistake and try to find out the perfect solution.

Be positive:
Yes, it is important to pinpoint the bad aspects of the issue but on the other hand, it is also compulsory to draw your focus on the goal and the positive progress you are making by breaking the addiction of cell phone’s video games.

Set time:
If you are the parent and you are worried about your young child who always busy playing smartphones video games whenever you see him or her. The best thing is to set some rules for mobile usage and make your child strictly obey your orders. Don’t ban the video games, initially allow your kids to play games for some limited period of time on their smartphones.

Monitor the time of smartphone video game:
If parents are always staying busy and they don’t have time to put some restrictions on playing video games with their young kids, then don’t need to worry use TheOneSpy monitoring software.it allows the user to monitor every single activity performed on the target device along with the complete time schedule.

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