Few Changes We Expect From The Upcoming iOS10


Apple has released the latest iteration of their smartphone OS; the iOS 9. It ships with the latest iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and the iPad air 3 release date and OTA updates are being rolled out for the supported Apple devices out there. With excellent new features and operational improvements, the 9th generation of iOS already proves to be a worthy mobile operating system.

The optimization is just out of the world, every Apple device runs the iOS apps blazing fast unlike many Android devices even till now. However, there are still many features that are not available on iOS yet. We have created a wish list of what could be included into the upcoming iOS 10 next year with the iPhone 7.

Easier Cache Management
Despite being the most popular smartphone OS, the iOS still couldn’t eliminate the trouble of managing the cache files. These are files that the resident apps on a device generate for smooth operation of the apps, but these files are supposed to be deleted after their needs are done. But on iOS9 instead, they still keep piling up and occupy the user memory. Users may end up deleting and re-installing apps and files in order to make space for those cache files. Even though it’s a rare incident, but this trouble exists. A better cache management system is something everyone would love on iOS10.

Allowing Third Party Apps
The apps from iTunes store are third party, indeed. But with third party apps, we mean letting the third party apps control the core aspects of the iPhone such as keyboard, themes, launcher, setting default apps etc. Though the keyboard support has been added since the last major update, but that just doesn’t seem enough for a smartphone of iPhone’s caliber. Tad bit of liberty certainly doesn’t hurt anyone!

Notification Bar
The current notification bar looks wonderful and works just fine, but if there are plenty of unseen notifications – they would just pile up and to find an old notification the user will need to scroll all the way down towards the last end of the notification bar. Apple should come up with a more organized way of managing the notifications natively inside iOS.

If you have been keeping up with the voice search and command apps lately in real practice, you should have noticed how Siri is falling back. Indeed Siri is genius and able to comprehend the human mind intelligently, but with Google’s Voice search and Microsoft’s Cortana on the rise, they often make the functionality of Siri questionable. Side by side comparisons are clearly showing the difference – Siri is sleek and easy, but the other two we have mentioned are more efficient.

Apple has recently introduced a seamless way of split-screen multitasking on iOS9 for the iPads. When this is an appreciable approach, many enthusiast Apple user do actually wish to have the same feature on the iPhones as well – especially the larger display Plus variants. With the Android phablet counterparts in market, this is something very sensitive where Apple should develop more.

iOS 10 is still a long way to go. Hopefully the users will get to see a developer preview version around June 2016 and the final version would launch with the iPhone 8.

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