List of Best Android Travel Apps

Android Travel Apps

Android operating system has proved to be the most reliable smartphone software around the globe. That is why all the application developers will stop at nothing to provide the operating system with the most sophisticated and updated applications.

One of this software includes the Android Traveling Application that is very essential mostly to travelers. Here are the best android traveling applications that you will find very useful.

Hotel Tonight

Every traveler should have this application on his or her smartphone, very easy to download but most of all the value of the application to the user. The Hotel Tonight android application allows you to search hotels, resorts and restaurant of your new destination. The application gives you up to date information of the number of the hotel around the area and the available rooms in different hotel.

EX Currency

If you are traveling from one country to another that use different currency then this application will be very helpful in financial matters.You can be able to convert currency from your country to any other currency in the world. The application gives you current currency conversion rate so that you are able to make your budget on how much you are going to spend.

Triplt Android App

Triplt has become one of the best applications so far to people who love to plan before the actual date. The application synchronizes with your smartphone and email account so that you receive clear information about hotels, flight plan; the available flight to different destination so that you make your booking in advance. The application is clever enough to match your entire travel plan with all the available transportation available on that day.

WI Fi Finder App

Wi-Fi finder is a new application that allows you to find internet connection from any destination you travel. The best thing about this application is that you will not have to purchase and replace new SIM card I different location but enjoy free Wi-Fi available from hotel, café and any public place.

Viber Android App

Viber is new Skype application for all android devices that explains a lot because you will be able to communicate with your family and friends wherever you are. The application allows you to send instant messages, send and receive multimedia messages. The unique feature of Viber allows you to make clear phone call using free Wi-Fi and internet connection available.


Uber android application gives you advantage to move to different location in a new place without standing on the corner of the street. The application allows you to call and direct a taxi to your current location using the integrated map and then pay for the taxi using the Google venture. You will also receive current taxi rates for different vehicles from different companies for you to decide.

Google Now

Google now is a combination of all the above applications in one application, this application purpose is to provide clear maps around different locations. In addition the application is able to convert currency, gives you basic flight tracker, travelling guide and world clocks.

Travel Smart

Travel smart is a free android application that helps you travel smart if you are traveling to different countries with different weather conditions. The application allows you to search for the nearest hospital and health centers in case of health emergency.

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