Hidden Things You Don’t Know About Android

Hidden Things Android

Our lives have been made much simpler by the rise of smart phone technology. We no longer need to lug around heavy laptops- fit enough to give us neck sprain, only to keep ourselves updated with our office emails. All the basic work, and some more, can now be managed with the smartphones- be it Android, iPhone or any other one. Android phones have become quite popular now a days. All of us are quite fascinated by the features of the android phones and its ease of compatibility with hordes of apps.

While all of us download a variety of apps on the android phones, we sometimes forget to explore the features that are already there in the phone itself! The bigger and flamboyant features are showcased during the launch itself but its the smaller ones that make our lives simpler and stress free. Some of such lesser known features of Android phones are given below.

Some Hidden Things, You Don’t Know About Android

Device Manager
How often do we hear that someone has lost his expensive phone and all the data along with it? Would it not be very useful if we are able to keep a track of our phone and better still- remove all our personal data remotely itself? Device Manager app can help you to do that. Just install this app on your phone and in the unfortunate misshaping of losing the phone you will be able to trace the phone’s location. Isn’t this quite amazing and money & time saving solution.

Prior Notification of Alarms
Are you the proactive types who sets the alarm for everything just in case you miss it? And then do the task prior to the notification only? Then this feature is for you. The alarm will anyways ring whether you have completed the task or not. This feature allows you to see the upcoming notifications on the home screen, In case you do not need it then you can disable it without causing unnecessary hassle for you.

Commonly Used Punctuation Marks
Do you find it bothersome to toggle between two screens every time you want to add a comma to your text? Then you have not tried this simple but effective feature of Android. You just need to hold the full stop button on the text screen for few seconds. It will show you the list of commonly used punctuation marks. You may choose the one you like without any botheration.

Control Data Usage
By default you get a notification when you have used up your mobile data limit. But this is a very reactive approach. By the time you are notified you are already above your data limit. Better is that you set the notification maybe 50 to 100 MBs below your data limit and also set a cut off limit after which the mobile data can be switched off. This way one can control the data usage proactively rather than wondering what to do after the data has been used.

How to ensure that hotspot is not recognised as Wifi?
Android was one of the first platforms to use tethering option and provide data sharing via wifi mode by converting a data device to a hotspot. The problem with this option is that the phone does not know it is connected to a hotspot. It will recognise it as another wifi option. A majority of our settings like updating of applications is set to work on wifi. This may get activated even on a hotspot, using up all your mobile data. You may want to fix that. Go to the settings and choose the networks that you want to be identified as hotspots. Switch off the automatic updates option for these networks. You mobile data is now safe!

View Notifications:
Too busy during the day? Don’t remember the notifications that you swiped away during the throw of the things and now wondering if you missed something important like your Wife’s best friend’s birthday? No need to sweat. Now you have option of viewing the old notifications at leisure and make amends!

Frequent Contacts on your home screen:
It is time consuming to go into your contacts and search for the name to call up someone- specially if you call this person very frequently. You may choose the option to drag the frequent contacts on your home screen. This way you can call them at the tap of a button without raising a brow.

Voice Commands:
Have you utilized your voice commands to the fullest? Probably not. You may just give a voice command to shoot a photograph or a video and it will instantly open your camera. Can it get simpler than that? Works like a genie!

As mentioned earlier, some of these features look quite simple but majority of us have not explored them fully. Once we get used to these features, usage of the phone becomes much more simple and user friendly.

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