How Your Start Up Can Get Ranking Locally On Google With Only 3 Hours Work

Ranking Locally On Google

SEO is often thought of as a difficult and technical process but in reality it isn’t difficult at all.

Google is simply looking for the best answer to the question searched, provide the ‘best’ answer and you’re on to a winner. Typically though ranking at the top of Google for competitive terms is a long process, but for those start ups looking for local exposure it’s just around the corner. It’s possible to get quick results with local SEO with as little as 3 hours work and in this article I’m going to show you how to do exactly that.

Where to start
Firstly you need to understand why Google ranks websites locally in order to game the system. The principal is simple really, Google assumes that websites of businesses local to the searcher are going to be more relevant than those hundreds of miles away. Which in most cases is true. So, to tilt the balance in your favour you have to convince Google your ‘even more local’ than everyone else. Luckily this is easier than it sounds.

How to be ‘even more local’
Google has always used a ‘voting’ system to determine which website is more popular and relevant to a search, the best of those is nearly always the top ranking. To convince Google your website is the place to be for your chosen products or services you need to get ‘votes’ to say so. By votes, we actually mean links. A hyperlink from one website to another (also known as link building) is the only proven way to get rankings fast. But, to supercharge your links you’re going to include another element that will help your endeavours, your location. By creating links from one website to another including your town, post code or even coordinates will tell Google where you are based and exactly which customers suit you the next time someone looks.

How to build enough links in 3 hours
Link building is actually a pretty simple and everyday day process in 2018. Talking about a website on Facebook, sharing a tweet, talking on a forum about another website – these are all links – and all help your websites ranking. But, by far the best way to do link building to help your local rankings is to use comment links. Comment links are fresh and new, they create new words on the page you select, Google likes new.

They also give you the opportunity to really hammer home your location profile. Find pages that talk about your town, city or area and comment on them. Just make sure to leave a signature of your name and website, of course.

Hey look, you’re now a link building pro.
Spending 30 minutes a day finding pages that talk about your location and creating these links for your website will really get your rankings increasing. Once you’ve got the hang of it you could easily get through a dozen or so in half hour.

Give it a few weeks and watch the progress.
As a little extra, if you’re based in the UK, here’s what you should be typing in Google to give you a little helping hand in finding the best pages: “insert industry” + “allintitle:insert location”

Just replace the industry with your niche and the location with where you’re targeting.

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