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For those out of you who have got big enough pocket so that high-end smartphones can be grabbed, 2015 is going to be an interesting year for sure. All companies have got their high-end smartphones in the making mode. LG is not less than others, as company is working hard in making LG G4 device that has been in the rumors for quite some time now.

If you are planning to buy a device in the months to come, then checking out the expected features, price and release date of LG G4 is recommended to you. Do keep reading this post ahead.

Let’s start with the look first. Since high-end smartphones come with high price tag, so customers often seek premium look in them, and it’s quite sensible to demand that. Talking about the LG G4, as per most of rumors, it will have premium look. LG is working hard to make sure that its LG G4 smartphone becomes capable enough to attract multitude of people even in the crowd of too many smartphones.

Too many rumors what could be screen size of LG G4 smartphone. If we go with the logic, then we don’t expect size bigger than 5.5-inch. Because, by doing that, it would become difficult for LG to keep its much famous rear-button setup. Since display resolution was the biggest eye-catching part of LG G3, so we expect LG to do some wonder in this particular part of LG G4 device. To sum up all rumors, LG G4 is likely to have 5.7-inch screen size with 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution.

LG G4 will be available in the market in two memory variants. The 32GB model of the smartphone will come up with 3GB RAM, while the 64GB memory variant will have 4GB RAM in it.

LG G3’s camera part was praised by everyone who bought the device. Talking about G4, 16MP primary camera is likely to be there in the device. Coupled with incredible software, this camera will deliver a high-end photography experience to all photography enthusiasts out of you. The secondary camera is expected to be 5.1MP.

Processor and Operating System
Snapdragon 801/805/808, 3 GHz processor is likely to be there in the LG G4 smartphone. If the rumors are to be believed, company is focusing on this part more than anything else to ensure a high-end smooth experience to users.

Android 5.0 Lollipop will be operating system in the device. So, be ready to enjoy the most up-to-date features of Android OS on LG G4 smartphone.

The rumors claim the 3,500-4,000mAh battery to be part of LG G4 smartphone.

Price and Release Date
$900 is what the price tag rumors claim to be part of LG G4 smartphone.

Talking about the release date, we expect it to get announced by May, 2015. It will likely hit the market by the middle of this year. Some scours’ suggest that Lg will release G4 and LG G5 in the month of Oct this year.

If you are seeking a sensible verdict that could help in deciding if this smartphone is worth your hard-earned money, I would suggest you to wait a little more. For now, the smartphone looks like quite promising.

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