Will Dynamics 365 Rule The Future?

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is the latest customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that has gained popularity because of the features it offers and also because it is one solutions that looks after many aspects of your business. As a business writer, I often attend seminars on different Software that can prove to be revolutionary in business.

In one such seminar on Microsoft Dynamics CRM development, the speaker talked about different benefits of using Dynamics 365 in contemporary and traditional business. She ended the seminar by asking us to decide if Dynamics 365 would rule the future.

I was convinced that the answer, after listening to all the positives, was a “Yes.” But, I still thought of connecting with my colleagues and taking their views on whether they agree with me. There were various responses and just to have a streamlined article, I have decided to club them in broad categories of Yes, No, and Maybe. Let’s see what their reasons were for the answer they chose.


The colleagues who chose to say “Yes” to Will Dynamics 365 Rule the Future question gave the following reasons:

Targeted Solutions Are Hot: We all know that Dynamics 365 offers targeted solutions for different aspects of business. These solutions include Dynamics 365 for Operations, Dynamics 365 for Sales, etc. Companies that take up the Dynamics 365 pay only for the solutions that they want to make use of. These solutions offer a customized option for customers who otherwise make use of generally available CRM and ERP solutions. Microsoft has actually hit the spot by creating customized yet standard solutions for almost every business unit. Existing customers of Dynamics 365 appreciate this initiative.

Technologically Up-to-Date: There is a real debate around cloud and its growing popularity and acceptance. Many feel that cloud-based solutions are the future and therefore Microsoft’s decision to make Microsoft Dynamics 365 an online tool is welcomed by those who are pro-cloud. Apart from that the releases and updates by prominent company like Microsoft is sure to keep up with the technological changes thus making it an ideal choice for solutions that will thrive in the future. The current Dynamics 365 lives up to the image that Microsoft has in terms of providing products that are current in all forms.


The ones who were unsure about whether Dynamics 365 will rule the future or not gave me the following reasons:

Companies Get an Edge but Have to Spend on Migration and Training: This can be a strong reason for some companies who at least at present are not willing to spend a lot on migrating to the much talked about Dynamics 365. The other aspect might be that companies would be required to spend time and money on training employees which might affect regular business operations. Although the cost of migration and training is considered a one-time investment but some companies might feel that their business is doing fine without this investment at the moment and the Dynamics 365 might not really make much of a difference.

Focus on Cloud Might Not be Welcomed by All: The biggest critics of cloud-based system have always questioned it security. Although, companies claim to have a robust security system in place. But, many believe that hackers are evolving just as fast as the security systems.Some colleagues also said that accepting Dynamics 365 might be a change management issue in some companies who might be reluctant only because they are unsure of how business will respond to.


Very few colleagues said they felt Dynamics 365 would not rule the future but their reasons were really solid. See their reasons below:

Competition Is Tough: Microsoft Dynamics CRM development is no doubt probably the most talked about solution on the Internet. But, Microsoft has tough competition from big names like Salesforce, SAP, Oracle. These companies also have a strong clientele of CRM and ERP clients. These companies are probably not spending as much on marketing and promotion but they are sure to stay.

No One Can Predict the Future with Surety: This is the least favorite answer and probably from the most disinterested people. But, the fact is that no matter how much I dislike this, it is not untrue. To actually know whether Dynamics 365 will be the future of CRM and ERP, we actually would have to wait and see. And, therefore, I decided to include this in the list.

Different people have diverse opinions and they actually helped me gain a perspective on how a solution is accepted throughout the industry. After considering all the opinions, I still feel that Dynamics 365 will rule the future CRM industry because of the innovative approach and out of the box thinking adopted by Microsoft. Let me know what you think about Dynamics 365 really ruling the future.

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