What’s Special in Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7

What’s going to be special in Galaxy S7? Don’t have an idea? Come with us! Well, the Smartphone has always attracted the users with their fascinating features and a vivid example of this is galaxy series of Samsung. The Smartphone of this series are alluring and captivating in every way.

Moreover, Samsung keep on enhancing its new models by adding new surprises and innovative features. People are eagerly waiting for Galaxy S7 especially as its precedent model was not a super hit and Samsung has vowed to compensate the loss by always introducing excellent models. Rest the time would tell, but we can definitely say that this would be a remarkable invention.

Let’s find more:

The possible time of launch: Everyone is aware of the fact that every new model of the S series is launched just before, the tablet and Smartphone centered tech fest of Barcelona, so the probable date of launch for it is March 2016. We are disclosing a secret to you that it is quite likely that it would be launched at the end of 2015. So, be ready to experience the magic soon.

Price of Samsung Galaxy S7: Surprised to find the prices before its release? Wait, wait, wait, it is only a guess based on the previous pattern. Our experts predict it to be649 pound, it doesn’t have curved technology.

Design of Samsung Galaxy S7: The Samsung S series are always stunning and the same is expected in it. It is quite likely that it would be as tricking handset in metal and steel frame.

Body (Build) of Samsung Galaxy S7: We are expecting to see many enhancements in its body. It may have a waterproof body, advanced micro sd slot and remarkable battery. We are also expecting curved technology in this new model. It is quite likely to see there versible USB Type C.

Memory of Samsung Galaxy S7: An outstanding memory of 4GB RAMis probable.

Storage of Samsung Galaxy S7: The choice of internal storage is likely to be there, between32 and 64 GB.

Processor of Samsung Galaxy S7: The under performance of Galaxy S6 was accounted tofaulty Snapdragon 810. This time people are saying that Samsung is manufacturing its own processor. Well, at least in Galaxy S7 it is quite likely to find the Qual-comm Snapdragon 820, as pointed out by the head of Samsung.

Screen of Samsung Galaxy S7: It is likely to have distinguishing5in screen with amazing AMOLED technology.

Extra Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S7: Samsung adds innovative gadgets and gizmos to new models. The GalaxyS7 can have astonishing fingerprint scanner.

Camera of Samsung Galaxy S7: People are speculating to get a big camera in it, the rest would be known with time. However, we can be sure about a16Mp sensor andgrand optical image stabilization.

Software of Samsung Galaxy S7: Android Mas well as Samsung User Interface (SUI), Touch Wiz are likely to be preloaded in Galaxy S7.

We hope you are able to guess what would be special in Galaxy S7, one thing is sure that it would be a rocking model. The information would be updated on these pages, keep visiting to discover more about it.

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