The Top 5 Pattern Lock Apps for iOS

Pattern Lock Apps for iOS

Some people have the habit of spying phones of their peers or friends. While this seems quite annoying, privacy gets seriously compromised. The good news is that, there are indeed plenty of apps for mobile devices that offer the facility to let them lock their screens conveniently. Some apps also protect selected files containing video, audio, image or simply the text.

In Android devices, there is a provision of pattern lock which is basically nine dots on an Android device screen. The user needs to re-draw to the nine dots to unlock his or her mobile device. This feature has been included in Android based devices for security purpose, but iOS device lacks the same.

As a result, a large number of apps for iOS make way to the iPhone, iPad and iPod users. There are a large number of pattern lock apps that have been recently in the news for their soaring popularity. Here, there are top 5 such pattern lock apps.

LEO Privacy Guard 3.0 – Offered by the LEO Network Technology Co. Ltd. is undoubtedly the best pattern lock app for iOS due to its brilliant features like Privacy Password which enable users to lock up their phone secrets via PIN, Dot Lock and Touch ID. There is also a feature of private album which allows users to import their private images or video clips from their phone album to a private album with just simple swipe. There is a private camera feature by which camera can be accessed quickly from a notification.

The free pattern lock app is great for the people who used to store a large amount of vital personal information like credit card details on their phone as it can be stored in a safe box instead. Some of the other alluring features that make this app a must-have for all iOS device users are Safe QR Code Reader, Device Monitor, and Support Apple watch. The app is compatible with iOS 7.0 or its later versions and with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

Vault for iPhone
The intuitive pattern app is priced at the modest pricing of $2.99 and has a couple of interesting features like Auto Destruct, Auto Logout, Password generator, Dropbox backup and Dropbox restore. Of these, the first one is the most striking one that enables automatic wiping of the entire phone data after a total of five invalid login attempts.

Also, Auto Logout makes sure that if an app on the device is idle, it is logged off automatically. The rest of the features allow iOS device user to have strong passwords that can be difficult to hack by others and to have a backup and restoration of vault data with the help of a Dropbox account.

Locker Lite
This is a free app designed both for iPhone and iPad. This pattern lock app not only ensures that your audio, video and even voice recordings are kept private but also has three different secure login options like number pad login, pattern lock and an easy lock option. Management of multiple passwords and files is also easy with the app. One interesting feature of Locker Lite is that it is possible to browse any website privately i.e. inside the app itself. Users can also create notes containing text like credit card details or bank pin codes. Calling from the app is possible by picking up any contact number listed within the phone contact list and dialing the same from the app.

My Locked Folder Lite
The absolutely free app supporting iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is best to lock images, videos, notes etc. in a hassle-free manner. There is also a provision of fake data display and hiding the real one! There are master passwords by which users can recover the lost data (if any) too. Overall, the app exhibits a great user-friendly interface and is in fact quite sleek in its appearance.

Locked In
To keep safe some extremely private and embarrassing images from the prying eyes of friends become difficult and that’s what the iOS app offer to its users. Such images or videos can be exported from the camera roll to the app easily and manage albums in a secure way. The app is extremely beneficial for those who are in professional photography and don’t want to share or make their most cherished or stunning photographs visible to others. Apart from iPhone and iPad, the free pattern lock app is compatible with Android and Windows phone devices too.

Surely, the above list of pattern apps is appealing and worth a try on your iOS devices. The pattern lock is now only next to PIN in terms of keeping the content of mobile devices safe and secure.

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