Top 5 Techy Apps to Be Used By Every Gadget Geek

Techy Apps

Technology is changing so fast and if you are smart, embrace it and do it part of you. I would like to encourage those people who are so rigid to change to accept technology if not new cultures. If you are not technological, then you will be left behind in your world. In as much as technology is improving hardware, the same is happening to the software. Programmers have sleepless nights trying to invent new software that make the world more fun than it already is. Mobile apps provide both entertainments as well as communication between people. The most common apps are the Android and the iPhone apps. The following are some of the techy apps to be used by every gadget geek;

Photoshop Mobile App
Photography, music, painting, makeup, cloth designing and modeling are examples of things people do in the art industry. Photoshop takes into consideration specifically photography. It allows editing of photos the way the photographers would want. Sometimes one might take photos and hate the background. Long ago it used to be hard but with Photoshop app, you can manipulate your background the way you want according to customer’s need. Also, you can add or remove an individual from a photo. However, one disadvantage of this app is that one can use it to hurt some other individuals by taking their photos from another source and placing them in an inappropriate scene. According to the latest technology news, Photoshop app has taken the world of photography to a next great level.

Dropbox app
Sometimes we crack our minds on how we can share some data that is located on one computer. I know you would tell me networking has made it easier but Dropbox plays the role easily. It enables sharing of files between computers with different operating system. It has an inbuilt pdf reader and can store image files and Microsoft Office files. This is the best for partners who wish to share documents and be able to open without interrupting each other. World news headlines bring us the various improvements in the technology world including the apps.

Book Reader
In this world, there are different kinds of people, those who like reading and those who just like watching and having fun. It is always advisable always to read to keep your brains sharp and up to date. I know it is so hard for you to buy every book you want to read or to go to the library every day to borrow books. Softcopy book can be the most appropriate book for you because with Amazon Kindle you can read any book saved on your i Phone anytime you want to. If you want to be updated with this recent technology, always check the world news headlines.

Note taking app
Typing can be a very hard task for some people especially typing on a virtual keyboard. It always takes time before one gets used to it but after that it becomes simple. Evernote is a note taking the app that can help you overcome time wasting before you adapt to the normal typing. It allows saving of data within the app and most amazing of all, it allows sharing of the files between computers using the app. Latest technology news encourage people to have iTunes, which enables them to download this app for free. You should try going outside some very common apps like office and try Everton to have this great new feeling. Latest technology news encourages people to go beyond the common things.

Audiobook Reader
Staring at the screen of your gadget reading a book can be very tiresome and sometimes boring. There are those people who do not like reading but are good listeners. Audible is an app that can read for you a book loud and clear and your work is just to listen. It gives one an opportunity to listen to audio books without the normal syncs to the iTunes first. Alternating the manual reading and listening to audible audio can help you to consume knowledge from as many books as possible.

I know we all like simple things, easy way of doing things and a very smooth life with no pot holes. That is obvious to every individual who call themselves human but of course, for life to be smooth, there must be a sacrificial lamp. Sacrificial lamps, in this case, are our programmers who have sacrificed their life of fun to make other people’s life simple.

How sweet of them to do that. If you are a gadget geek, then the above mentioned above should not miss in your gadget, otherwise, rub the name ‘gadget geek’ on your name.

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