Revolutions Bought Upon By UX Trends onto Mobile Apps


PC users are in a decline owing to people owning smartphones and giving preference for the latter, tablets and the. Mobile craze is not set to die away soon. Provided a good UX is not implemented in the app, the user base will discard the app for a good one.

Featured is a vast change in the midst of the mobile app development where this latest technological upheaval is embraced by mobile users who are selective and craving for more.

They desire consistent upgrades and latest features which put the app developers in a dilemma where they have to innovatively concoct in every update iteration. Most of the demanded trends were due to encompassing a plethora of implementation methodologies which will continue to exist for the future.

A detailed description is given with regards to the popular UX trends, their applications and their responsibility related to the mobile UX world.

Motion and Subtle Animations

Once animations and transitions succeeded Flash design, they were now the most demanded UX trends. Motion animations feature a dynamic encounter which is well acclaimed. It should be limited such that the user base is not overwhelmed with too many animations in a single screen. It is related to user experience, one of the causes for Flash-style animations to go extinct.

Conversational Interfaces

Conversational interfaces are a typical vogue present where due to digital assistants integrated into smartphone devices, the mobile users find it good to interact with bots in their devices. This aspect is being integrated with mobile app design and the users desire voice functionalities or conversational interfaces.

Although voice technology may be a source of concern, people choose to message over talking. Provided a sophisticated chat bot is incorporated in th app, the probability of user engagement is increased as they are associated with a set up which they know beforehand.


VR and AR technologies are blooming exponentially where mobile device are integrated with speedy processors, high graphics and integrated communication. These components assist the users to be a part of a multi-sensory environment where they are sure to be enthralled.

User interaction, the brand’s potential to develop a realistic encounter and the intensity of immersion which the users needs have to be contemplated when designing AR and VR products. To make this feasible the developers must work in association with the 3D designers where everything is related to users.

At present mobile app users are not covert and they display their views in app reviews. Both types of reviews have to be accounted for. Mobile app users are searching for apps which provide speedy and smooth flowing experiences which are enthralling and performance wise great. Provided the brand takes into consideration these aspects, the brands or app developers can generate and launch an app which makes the user base content for a long time to come.

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