3 Reasons why You Visa Application Can Possibly Be Rejected

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Visa applications have been quite of a concern for many, these days. Since the sensitive hurts more when pinched, that’s almost the situation when somebody’s applied visa gets rejected. For the obvious reasons, any nation has its rules, laws and procedures for an individual for applying for either a visa or visa renewal. Sometimes, when their visa gets rejected, it’s almost a dead end for many since most of them have professional, financial and even emotional expectations from the place they are willing to head to.

Due to which, many applicants even get confused and unable to understand the exact reasons for their visa refusal. In this article, we have tried jot down some of the known reasons that could possibly be the cause of your visa refusal. So let’s discuss it further;

Criminal Record
One of the reasons for why the applicant’s visa can be refused is his/her being red flagged somehow. As per the laws, the current or even past circumstances as well as actions of the applicant matter a lot. These records can have direct impact over the decision whether an individual should be considered for allowing into the country/for the visa renewal or not. In such case, the visa refusal is certain as the applicant is considered as the threat to the internal security, public wealth and public policy. Moreover, such person is a potential suspect of violating laws, child abuse, drug abuse, addiction, terrorism and other serious crimes.

False Travel Document
If the applicant is smart, it’s not going to help with the visa renewal anyway. In fact, there is a common destiny for such applicants attempting to present the false travel document, fake paper trails to the embassy, using fake identity and trying to misrepresent their identity. Of those, the first and the foremost it an absolute visa refusal. This would further be accompanied by unfavorable consequences for the applicants. Therefore, make sure you are presenting every single document that’s ordinal and if you don’t have one, just apply and get it from the concerned department.

Medical Report
Whether you apply for the new visa or visa renewal, it’s imperative for every applicant to undergo some medical test depending upon the purpose of visit. For instance; you are more inclined towards your profession/career/job that’s why you are applying for this visa. Some apply just for travel or even business and education etc. For almost every purpose, the medical test is mandatory. In case your visa medical report Abu Dhabi is not favorable enough to allow you to enter a country, it’s would simply be straight refusal. Moreover, don’t try to fake or fool the embassy with fake medical reports, their approach is much broader than us.

In a nutshell, always keep in mind that if the consular officer fails to get all the necessary information for the visa applicant, there is no way his/her visa is getting accepted. Therefore, just be completely honest when you are being interview one on one from the concerned officer.

Do you know about the major reasons for why your visa might get rejected? Just check out the article now.

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