4 Best Adventure Sports Activities for Men


Adventure sports has become a must-go in the recent times. We all work with busy schedules and have a tiresome week all year long. Adventure activities are one thing that lets out all our frustrations and let us rejuvenate perfectly. There are many facilitators for adventure activities in the market and it’s always recommended to opt for the best facilitator for these activities though it might get a little costly. Below is a list of 4 best adventure activities suitable for a frustrated man…

Paragliding – To fly like a bird

How about flying into the open skies like a free bird? Have you ever thought of flying across drifting clouds, looking at the beauty of nature from altitudes high above sea level? Paragliding is something that can get you this feeling of flying above the world.

A paraglider is a simple glider airplane. It gets lift from sunlight and the wind. The solar energy offers a means to increase the speeds of air currents and their by propelling the paraglider across high altitudes. The paraglider needs to initially launch by foot. The pilot has to hold the ends of the wing by a rope and run across the launch pad so that air fills up in the wings. The pilot remains seated on a cushioned seat which is hung suspended from the ends of the wing by ropes.

Paragliding in Vagamon Kerala
Paragliding in Vagamon Kerala

If you are not willing and don’t have enough to learn paragliding and do it yourself, you can go with Tandem Paragliding. Here 2 people are allowed to sit on one paraglider. The professionally trained pilot sits behind you and will be launching the paraglider and further propelling it across the mountains and valleys while you can sit in front to enjoy the views.

Trekking – Get your stamina out

If you are looking for personal development including empowering personal spirits, then trekking is the best bet for you. Always do your trekking tours along with a guide and along with a trekking group. The motivation of the guide and the synergy of the group are big factors to reach you at the top especially if it’s a difficult climb. This is very much applicable if you are going for long 10+ days treks like the tsum valley trek. For a trekking trip, the first thing is on how to get your luggage packed properly, taking along all that you need and putting a limit on the luggage of 15KGs. Always carry 2-3 bottles filled with water along with you. You should be able to fill the bottles with fresh water along the trek. Carrying energy drinks is also recommended.

Trekking in Tsum Valley
Trekking in Tsum Valley

Scuba Diving – Underwaters with fish

Scuba Diving and the practical methodology is so advanced today, that you don’t even need to understand swimming in any respect. It’s only that you will take some time for the first time to acquire the body balance. Scuba Diving equipment like Oxygen gas cylinders, Breathing plugs, Body fins and special dress is given so that you are able to keep Diving underwaters

Scuba Diving is pretty easy only if you take care of two things…. Breathe through your mouth, adjust to remediate ear pain. The breathing gear is affixed to your mouth and your nose will remain closed, so you have to get used to breathing through the mouth.

Sky Diving – Let the gravity take you along

Sky Diving is one of the most sought-after adventure sports of today. You go in a helicopter up to the skies to an altitude of 13,000 – 15,000 ft and do a simple jump from that point so that you fall freely to the earth. This helicopter or mini airplane ride takes around 20-30mins. Once you reach the height you attach yourself with the Sky Diving gears and the parachute and jump off. You will be falling freely for about 60-70 secs and you will be at speeds of 260-280kmph depending on your body weight. Once you reach a height of 760m you have to pull open the parachute so that your fall speed reduces for a safe landing. If by any chance your primary parachute malfunctions you will have a secondary parachute attached to your Sky Diving Gears. The secondary parachute will also be installed with an Automatic Activation Device which will open off the parachute if the person forgets to open the parachute. With the parachute open your speed will considerably reduce and prepare you for landing.

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