5 best things you can enjoy only in Spain

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Spain hides some of the most intriguing treasures and amazing cultural history that’s impossible to sidestep. Indeed, it’s a country so special and unique that all those who visit for the first time are likely to be spellbound, urging them to always return. As an evidence of distinctiveness, here’re a few things you can only enjoy with a Spain Golden Visa.

Cross-country zip line
Not entirely clandestine yet only a few know that Spain offer travellers a chance to ride the only cross-border zip line in the world. Titled as Limite Zero; thrill-seekers have this exclusive chance to slide down from the Andalucian village of Sanlúcar de Guadiana all the way to Alcoutim in the eastern Algarve.

It’ll only take a minute to slide across the border but the scenery is simply amazing and worth digging! The zip line moves across the Guardiana River to Portugal and perhaps the best thing you can enjoy with Spain Golden Visa.

Tread the world’s scariest pathway
Champion rock climbers and extreme adventurers from all over the world test their adrenaline rush every year at El Chorro; a tiny Spanish village in the north east of Malaga! Their challenge is a simple walk through the world’s scariest pathway as known by all and named Caminito del Rey (King’s Little Pathway).

It was inaugurated by King Alfonso the 13th in 1921 which is only one-meter wide and runs a 100-metres above the Gaitanes Gorge. It actually hangs off the sheer, vertical and jagged rock faces. While the scenery is super cool, the hike’s a biggest challenge and rather dangerous since large sections of the path are either broken or completely missing!

The Near-Dearth Experience for a change
Some of the craziest yet excited festivals are held in Spain but none is as bizarre as the Festival of the Near-Dearth Experience. Also known as La Fiesta de Santa Marta de Ribarteme; the event takes place annually in the small town of Las Nieves, Galicia which is an area best recognised for its strong faith in paganism and witchcraft.


The Near-Dearth Experience is entirely unique that consist if solemn processions carrying people playing dead, kept in coffins and carried to the Santa Marta de Ribarteme Church in the city and then to the cemetery up the hills where the event winds up. This is yet another amazing experience you won’t have anywhere on the planet so, another advantage for lucky bearers of Spain Golden Visa.

The real Tapeo experience
Heading out for tapas has become a popular pastime and eating option amongst everyone around the world but, true master chefs are found only in Spain where these tasty bits are served in a way you won’t believe. For those willing to delight their taste buds beyond the ordinary should visit either Granada or Madrid where the culture of free tapas is pretty much alive in many restaurants.   While you’re there, a trip to culinary institutions such as Mercado de San Miguel or the Mercado de San Anton are excellent in all Madrid and known best for their tapas.


The only ice bar on the beach
Overseeing the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea and nestled peacefully on the beach of El Somorrostro is the world’s only ice bar on the beach namely Icebarcelona. The interior is simply spectacular carved entirely from ice so the temperature can be anywhere between -2 and -10 degree Celsius. For all those who wish to beat the scorching summer heat of Spain, this is indeed a heaven!

So if you’ve Spain Golden Visa, don’t miss out the above places for a unique and truly amazing experience unlike anything.

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