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Bangkok allures anyone seeking a good time away from their daily life. There’s shopping, river cruises, tons of temples, excellent food scene and happening nightlife – all the right elements needed for a pleasant leisure holiday. The city is popular among the youngsters with their group of friends, newly-weds, and couples rekindling their romance and families with kids.

Though Bangkok seems all about being balanced between its dynamic verve and cultural essence which may not hold interest for kids, the city does have numerous attractions that captivate the little minds and makes the holiday enjoyable for them. There are incredible attractions for kids to enjoy; among them is the Safari World Bangkok where an amazing wildlife experience awaits for them.

Gear up for a spectacular wildlife expedition in Bangkok at Safari World Bangkok
Set approximately an hour away from the bustling city center of Bangkok, and just 10-minute walk from Bangkok airport, Safari World Bangkok is a wildlife paradise designed to make its visitors feel as if they are roaming in an authentic nature and wildlife paradise. One of Thailand’s largest wildlife leisure parks, Safari World Bangkok is divided into two segments – Safari Park & Marine Park, each of which is packed with an impressive assortment of activities and entertainment. Here’s what’s in store for you at the Safari World Bangkok.

Safari Park
Get a chance to enjoy a wildlife encounter in a dynamic metropolitan city. For those who love the open air wilderness ambiance, Safari Park offers you this experience right in Bangkok city. This drive along safari is an 8 km route where you can drive your own car or opt for a safari bus tour through an Asian and African inspired jungle trail and watch a vast variety of animals casually wandering around in natural habitat.

You can find yourselves surrounded amid giraffes and deer, have close encounters with tigers, lions, and black bears, and watch an amazing assemblage of zebras, antelopes, rhinos, and ostriches and pelicans among other diverse selection of birds. Catch the big feline in their predator mode on one of their frenzy feeding sessions. The drive usually takes 45 minutes but you can keep your pace as per your desire and stop at places you would like to spend some more time, just be careful to adhere to the safety rules to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

Marine Park
The second segment of Safari World Bangkok is the Marine Park which is more like a zoo that exhibits a diverse collection of marine life, land animals and beautiful assortment of bird species and keeps you entertained with a variety of stunt shows and wildlife performances. Look forward to catching some of these listed shows on your Marine Park tour.

Jungle Cruises
Meandering through the Marine Park is a river that lets you take a boat ride through its marshlands where you can spot crocodiles and gorillas and monkeys swinging above you on the branches of dense trees on the river shore.

Sea Lion Show
Here’s your chance to watch adorable sea lions that put up their best performances to make you laugh and be amazed by their tricks.

Elephant Show
A popular show among kids, watch these gentle giants performing various acts such as playing football and tightrope walking.

Dolphin Show
A major crowd puller and loved by all spectators, watch dolphins performing graceful acrobats, mimicking their trainers, performing synchronized dives and somersaulting in the air.

Bird Show
Watch a delightful cluster of birds in flight soaring above you and certain species such as parrots and parakeets performing tricks and entertaining you with marvelously co-coordinating performances with their trainers.

Orangutan Boxing Show
A unique show to witness an incredibly amusing boxing match between orangutans who will keep you laughing with their funny tactics and nonstop entertainment.

Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show
Find yourself in the Wild West scenario where cowboys and horse riders perform stunts and fight scenes amid gun firing and explosions in Hollywood style.

Jungle Walk and Safari Terrace
A great way to explore a verdant forest in a hectic city, the Jungle walk is a pleasant way to enjoy nature on a pedestrian trail. The kids would love to step out onto the green Safari terrace and feed giraffes and deer. Both these attractions are definitely the best among all the other things to do in Safari World Bangkok.

Feeling famished after a long day in the jungle? Delve yourself to spectacular international and Thai cuisine at fabulous restaurants and treat yourself with mini snacks with a wide array of food stalls and ice cream and beverages stalls all over the theme park. Grab a delicious meal at Safari restaurant after some thrilling time at the park. Don’t wish to take a break in your safari adventure during your meals? Club your dinner with jungle river cruise on the Jungle Cruise experience. Shop around for some souvenirs at gift shops as a memory keepsake of your good times spent at Safari World Bangkok.

In a city that is dominated by monotonous high rise metallic structures and the heady rush of people, a wilderness safari is not something you will expect in Bangkok. Nevertheless, the Safari World Bangkok comes as a refreshing diversion for locals and visitors alike. Contributing to nature’s perspective of Bangkok, Safari World Bangkok lets you take a detour from the usual sightseeing and lets you experience lush green nature and spectacular wildlife just a few minutes away from the city.

Safari World Bangkok ticket costs around 400 Thai Bahts per adult, 300 Thai Bahts per child for Safari Park; 700 Thai Bahts per adult, 450 Thai Bahts per child for Marine Park; and 900 Thai Bahts per adult, 550 Thai Bahts per child approximately for both parks combined. Bangkok Safari World is open all year around from 9 am to 5 pm.

It is a great place for the whole family to spend time together and enjoy nature and wildlife entertainment. So next time you get your tourist visa to Thailand processed for a family Thai holiday, make sure to include a Safari World Bangkok tour among other things to do in Bangkok to have a complete thrilling Thai holiday.

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