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Choosing from a range of luxury vehicles and getting into a car of one’s choice to zoom off to an unknown destination may seem like a too-good-to-be-true kind of dream sequence to many. But the concept of self-drive cars is rapidly gaining popularity, and when compared with a rental car with a driver, it surely proves to be a sensible option. After all, who wants to hail taxis at crowded junctions with a dozen shopping bags in hand? The joys of driving are numerous and provide amazing flexibility and privacy.

Bangalore – waiting to be explored
A self-drive car is quite similar to driving one’s own car, but with lesser obligations. It is certainly more appealing to roam the wide, expansive roads of Bangalore in a luxury vehicle from a local Car Rental, than being driven around in a rented one. There are so many things to be explored in this pulsating city, right from historical destinations like the majestic Bangalore Palace or the towering Bull Temple to the mesmerizing shopping malls and pubs. By eliminating the role of a driver, it not only increases the privacy quotient but creates space for an additional person to jump in.

Check out the self-drive benefits
One can imagine the awkwardness of having an unknown person in the car while going out on a long, romantic drive with one’s partner. The rear-view mirror becomes quite an obnoxious intruder at such times nor is one able to talk about private matters in the presence of a driver. By hiring a chosen vehicle from a luxury car rental Bangalore, one is assured of complete freedom and discretion.

If one doesn’t want a rogue driver or sleep-deprived driver to drive then choosing a self-drive car is the most suitable option. Over-worked drivers can pose problems when they get behind the wheel in a negative frame of mind so if one loves driving why not take the opportunity of driving a luxurious top-end vehicle?

This way the family is in safe hands and the trip turns out to be more enjoyable than ever. Agencies like Zoomcar are perfect while booking a self-drive car, especially due to the wide-ranging choice of car models and variants on display. One can make an informed choice here while considering the number of people to be seated in and the budget too.

Plan to admire the scenic beauty at Chunchi Falls or the hypnotic sunset at Ulsoor Lake for a longer time, without worrying about time limits? Self-drive rental car are the answer to keeping worries at bay and making as many impromptu stops for refreshments and selfies. The GPS fitted in the car makes finding directions extremely easy and allows better time planning. With a tank full of fuel provided, there are zero limitations on exploring this beautiful city and its surrounding places. One can reach a destination and leave it as one pleases without any binding rules.

With car rental specialists like Zoomcar, one gets access to all the essential amenities that one would have in a self-owned car and driving to a favourite destination like Bangalore becomes more of a therapeutic experience for the entire group.

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