Best Summer Holiday Destinations in India

Summer Holiday
There is no doubt that India is a beautiful paradise. Marvellous sights that seem to stretch on for miles, the real experience of a city’s hustle and bustle, exotic tastes, rich history and culture – who wouldn’t want to immerse themselves in the beauty of this vast South Asian country? Before you start worrying about the expenses, travelling doesn’t always mean luxury and overall costs that are totally wallet-unfriendly.
Travelling to and in India can be relatively cheap if you know where to go, as well as how to get the best flight and accommodation deals. Enjoy budget exploration in these 7 places in India!


Goa is a popular, delightful Indian state to visit for some of the best beaches, restaurants, attractions and accommodations in the country. Here’s the catch: Enjoying the cheapest options is only available during off-peak seasons. Due to its popularity during the peak season, prices tend to shoot up. Light research has shown that Goa is most visited during November to February, so check out what you can do in the other months without having to worry as much about how much you’re spending!


Pondicherry, or Puducherry, still retains the historical traces of heavy French influence and is known to many as the French Riviera of the East. If you love the idea of soaking in beautiful, tranquil sights, feasting on delicious eats and drinks, walking down pristine beaches or admiring French architecture – all at affordable prices, then Pondicherry is the place to go to, even if it’s just for a short weekend getaway! Prepare to be blown away by the magnificence of nature and history.


Ooty is the haven for avid chocolate fans, with unending cocoa butter goodness available here. It’s the destination for those who love the ambience of wide, unbelievably beautiful landscapes, dense forest areas and delightful parks. Visit the Rose Garden and Stone House when you’re in Ooty! There are different charms every season so it’s popular all year round.


Darjeeling – home to snow laden mountains, unbeatable views of the sunrise and sunset and delectable eats at reasonable prices. Darjeeling is a wonderful family vacation destination and if you have your Darjeeling Tourism Card (An e-card that’s only available for tourists), you can expect better deals to help you stay within your budget! It’s recommended that you travel from mid-January to March or July to mid-September, which is the relatively off-peak season, for cheaper prices.


Mcleodganj is a picturesque city in the suburbs of Dharashala and is popular with tourists who want unique travel experiences. They offer some of the most reasonably priced places to stay or visit, delicacies to sink your teeth into (pancakes are recommended!) and detailed guided treks for much bountiful returns. Immerse yourself in the serenity of the lands and reward yourself with a wallet-friendly break.


Gokarna is a beach town in Karnataka and is an idyllic travel destination for travellers who are looking for a quiet vacation where they can wind down and relax. It is the cheaper, off-beat version of Goa and because it isn’t as commercialised, things tend to be cheaper and the beaches are less crowded. The peak season is the winter season, so be sure to avoid it if you want to enjoy the best prices!


If you simply adore majestic architecture and historical sites like palaces or places of worship, Hampi is the vacation destination for you! Cottages and hotels alike are fairly affordable and you can also rent a bicycle or a bike and fill your stomach up at amazing eateries that serve you great delicacies. You can rent a scooter (Luna) from almost everywhere and it’ll cost you Rs. 150 per day plus fuel at Rs. 100 per litre. Delight yourself in some worry-free travels in Hampi!
Experience these places, even with a shoestring budget, and you’ll understand why India is a mecca for literally everyone! It helps to book your flight and hotels in one combo package, such as the ones MakeMyTrip offers. In addition, travel deals on cashback websites, such as ShopBack, can help you save more, so do keep your eyes peeled. Even Rs. 300 can get you a few extra plates of mouth-watering churamatar!

Tania believes that travelling isn’t necessarily a luxury and that as long as you have good, wallet-friendly travel tips at hand, you’ll be able to fulfill your dream of exploration without worries.

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