Gurgaon, The Best City To Relish The Allures And Attractions Of Modernization


Gurgaon is the prime commerce city of Haryana. Located about 32 km from Delhi, the city is one of the most industrialized, modern cities, and is replete of all aspects of modernization. Meanwhile, the city is also growing as popular tourist destination. Filled with infinite tourist attractions the city is a must visit. Head to the city for a memorable holiday and for accommodations choose from the best Gurgaon hotels.

Gurgaon is the chief financial city of Haryana state. It is the prime hub of commerce in the state and is one of the leading commercialized cities in India. The city is one of Delhi’s four chief satellite cities, and is a constituent of National Capital Region. The city is about 32 km away from New Delhi, but it literally feels like both the cities are two parts of one big city. The Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway connects both the cities. It is one of the best laid highways in India, with perhaps the widest width. Presently, the city is the center of all commercial, financial, and industrial actions in the state.

Given its proximity to the nation’s capital and the New Delhi Railway Station and the IGI Airport, the city forms an excellent site to establish a business or begin a start-up. Apart from that, it is also the fact that since Delhi was becoming short of space and other basic resources, Gurgaon emerged as the perfect alternative of Delhi.

Besides, the initial favorable rules that the government laid out for the companies and commercial firms, which also included low tax, made the city a perfect place where large and small companies can sustain and flourish. Today, the city records the per capita that is the third highest in the country.

It is the private and commercial firms, companies, and bodies, that run the city. The government itself is primarily dependent for its revenue on the taxes that the private bodies pay. The city records that there are more than 250 Fortune 500 companies existing in the city.

It was 1970s that kick started the growth of Gurgaon. It is the era when Maruti Suzuki India established one of its automobile manufacturing firms in the city. Thus, generating a number of work opportunities to locals and the denizens of nearby towns, villages.

The following years saw the establishment of several other industries that included banks, BPOs, MNCs, factories, shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals, etc. As the city developed so did its living standards.

Today, the city is complete of numerous plush residencies, fine eateries, sleek shopping malls, spas, sports centres, yoga centres, and lavish Gurgaon hotels.

In the meantime, the city’s tourism is yet another aspect that is slowly on the rise. With the city getting more prominent, increasing number of travelers across India are visiting the city.

A couple of interesting places that are worth checking out, when in the city include: Sheetala Devi Temple, Pataudi Palace, Aliwardi Masjid, Sita-Ram Mandir, Badshahpur, Leisure Valley Park, Damdama lake, Ferozepur Jhirka, Jama Masjid, Nuh, Sanghel, and Sheesh Mahal.

Other than these, the attractions of modern Gurgaon are also worth checking out. Aapno Ghar Amusement Park, Kingdom of Dreams, Leisure Valley, Urusvati Museum of Folklore, Tikli Bottom, iSKATE, and the countless shopping malls are the additional places to check out.

The good thing is that all these tourist attractions are well-connected, and easy to access. Besides, there exist some good budget hotels in Gurgaon that are located in vicinity to popular tourist attractions. If one seeks conveniences of connectivity, these hotels are the good options to choose.

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