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You would have seen a lot of articles about the best time to enjoy a ride in Maharajas’ Express. According to most of the tourists, there is no particular best time to visit India. India is tropical area that is always at its prime beauty. So, what to enjoy during each season with Maharajas Express Luxury Tourist Train in India?

Luxury Train Tour During October to March
This is the peak tourist time in the country. Your ride in Maharajas’ Express would be enhanced with mesmerizing and lush greenery and refreshing sceneries at both the sides of your panoramic window. Sightseeing would be easier with mild climate. October would have some rainfall moments which would enhance the romance. Since you are travelling in the train, you need not worry a lot about mild showers. The national park and other natural attractions would be very fresh during this time. The only problem with December and January is the high price during Christmas and New Year. If you are looking for average price, it is better to avoid these two festivals during booking. Maharajas Express train booking starts from October to April, it is the best time to book your tickets.

Luxury Train Journeys in April
This is the best time for some discounted train tickets in Maharajas’ Express. Most of the luxury trains in India will have reduced cost for April tickets. This month marks the end of the tourist season and the following three months would not have Maharajas’ Express service. This season would be hot and dehydrating. You need not worry about it as you would be in the air-conditioned cabins of Maharajas’ Express and travel around in vehicles arranged by Maharajas’ Express company. Since it is the summer season, you can find a lot of animals in the national park with their cubs coming out of their den for water.

Moreover, you will find a lot of interesting festivals and rituals during summer season.

The Luxury Trains in August and September
This is the other side of the lean season. The rain fall would be heavy and it will be always damp and wet. Since your travel arrangements are all met, it would not be a problem. The monuments and structures would look fresh in the rain. You can also enjoy the park with refreshing environment.

The place will be very green and you can experience the mild aroma of wet soil. Since it is a lean season, you can find affordable tickets during this season, especially August. If you are visiting in August, pack accordingly. There is laundry service in the train for your comfort. No matter which season you choose or when you want to visit India, the place would be wonderful.

With the services of the best Indian luxury train, Maharajas’ Express you could easily enjoy the place with class and comfort. What are you waiting for? Book your tickets immediately.

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