4 Must Visit Popular Dams In India

Popular Dams In India

India is already bustling with plenty of historical monuments and places of natural biodiversity to give it company. The traveler who packs his bags and heads where the road leads him comes across many such places. Talking of these tourist spots, one cannot and should not miss out on visiting the dams across the country. You might be surprised at how scenic these places could be and why you should visit these dams right away!

Sardar Sarovar Dam:
Built on the Narmada River in Gujarat, Sardar Sarovar Dam or Narmada Dam is one of the most popular and most important dams of the country. The dam had been built with the main aim of providing hydel power to the state. Talking of the beauty of the spot, you cannot miss the hills on one side of the dam that seem to tower over the dam in a majestic way.

A walk to the Interpretation center and reception area would be an ideal thing to do, if you are new here. You shall get to know more about the place and the places to visit around this dam. You shall opt for a guided tour across the Narmada dam and this would be ideal for families with school-going children, as they will get to learn more on the functioning of the lock gate of the dam and more such details.

There is a lake nearby too where you can go boating and yes, the trekkers can go trekking through the hilly areas. The religious-minded people can also get to see the Surpaneshwar Shiva temple. It is said that the original one had been submerged while the dam was getting constructed.

Bhakra Nangal dam:
One of the most picturesque dams in the country is the Bhakra dam that is surrounded by Aravalli and Shivalik hills and is a haven for the wildlife enthusiasts too. A visit to this biggest multipurpose dam in India will actually fill you with pride on India’s engineering and the way it is helping not just the population nearby but also offers hydel power. This dam is one of the hottest tourist spots in the region.

Hirakud Dam:
The longest dam in India is the Hirakud Dam in Sambhalpur, Odisha, built on Mahanadi River. The dam is an engineering marvel. It was built to ensure that the Mahanadi River does not flood the neighboring cities in times of floods. The dam is one of the most beautiful ones in the Eastern India. The best time to visit the dam is between August and October when you can also come across the Gandhi Minar and gardens in full bloom.

Sagar Dam:
Nagarjuna Sagar Dam built across the Krishna River at Nagarjuna Sagar, with the river forming a boundary between Telengana and Andhra Pradesh. This dam is the world’s largest masonry dam that had been one of the most important projects to come up during the Green Revolution. The dam offers a scenic location for wildlife photographers to come and take a snap or two of the birds that come and perch now and then.

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