Top 5 Places To See Northern Lights in Canada


If you are an ardent traveler looking for extraordinary wanderlust moments, then viewing the Northern Lights is an obvious entry in your travel bucket list. Who would have thought that the night holds more than just darkness and starry skies?

The Aurora Borealis can be viewed from the north most countries set near to the Arctic circle, one of such destination is Canada where the night sky is streaked with amazing hues of neon green, yellow, pink and purple haze. Northern Lights are quite unpredictable.

There is no fixed schedule as to what time of the year you can catch the Northern Lights but the proximity of viewing this amazing phenomena in Canada are more during the months of November to February when there are long nights of darkness.

If you are planning to visit Canada in future, do make it a point to include any of these spots to view the Northern Lights on your vacation.

White Horse, Yukon
As the wintry night usher in, the nights in Yukon turn into a kaleidoscope of brilliantly bright swatches of colors weaving across the sky. Yukon in Canada is among the best places to view the Northern Lights in Canada, White Horse in particular where the weather and surroundings are perfect to catch this spectacular nature show.

A popular winter retreat, you can spend days here enjoying winter activities such as dog sledging, ice fishing, skiing to name a few and later, catch a marvellous night show of the Aurora Borealis. There is a diverse range of stay options to choose from such as lakeside cottages, lodges, cabins and tents right under the viewing locations that ensures a magical view of the Northern Lights in a relaxed ambiance and without the need of travelling further.

Churchill, Manitoba
A top-notch destination for keen travellers in quest of this natural wonder, Churchill town in Manitoba is where you can find the most resplendent Northern Lights activities. Manitoba is a great place for nature lovers as the landscapes are brimming with breathtaking lakes, mountains, and exotic wilderness. You will find time slipping away from dawn to dusk basking in nature’s beauty, watching whales and polar bears and all of a sudden you will find yourself gazing at the radiantly glowing sky. The best time to visit Manitoba for Northern lights is during January and February.

Yellow Knife, North West Territories
Canada’s farthest northern regions, The North West Territories have all the right elements for Northern Lights to display their best shows. The region has less light pollution as there are very fewer inhabitants here and the days are the shortest compared to other regions of Canada that fall directly below the auroral zone. Yellow Knife – the capital of the territory is the best spot to visit where the chances of catching a Northern Lights show is certain. Mostly, the northern lights put up their splendid performance from mid-November till April at Yellow Knife.

Another brilliant spot to witness the Northern Lights, Nunavut is Canada’s smallest province with a high activity of aurora borealis. This sparsely inhabited region set far north of the country has very little light pollution and brilliant landscapes that help in offering some of the best unobstructed visuals of the pulsating sky.

With the majority of the region swathed in Tundra landscapes, the sweeping views of rugged mountains covered with snow and clear arctic waters dotted with huge icebergs are astounding vistas to witness. During your holiday, explore the exceptional beauty of nature and wildlife where you would feel rejuvenated amid clean, crisp air and unspoiled, picturesque nature vistas.

Life feels different and adventurous as you get a chance to do things you have never experienced before like ice fishing or live inside your own hand made igloo. As dusk falls, watch the twilight hues getting replaced by vibrant colours that slowly set the sky ablaze showcasing Mother Nature’s most fascinating light show.

Athabasca Country, Alberta
Among the places to see Northern Lights in Canada, Alberta undoubtedly tops the list. One of the most phenomenal natural wonders of the world flaunts its most extravagant performances on Alberta skies. Although there are many places in Alberta where you can view the Northern Lights, Northern Alberta is the prime spot to witness this incredible wonder of nature.

Northern Alberta is a hotspot for Northern Lights seekers and the Athabasca Country is where most of the captivating night illusionary shows take place. Here, the enigmatic Northern Lights feels like a painting coming alive as the black night canvass slowly bursts out into ribbons of multicolored hues which turns the horizon into an unusual abstract work of art.

This ethereal wonder can be best viewed from September till February in Northern Alberta. The far away Athabasca Country in Alberta is one of the 18 stations studying the geomagnetic effects of the Northern Lights which makes it a prominent spot to chance upon spectacular Northern Lights viewing with a backdrop of clear icy glaciers.

Canada goes beyond the Canadian Rockies. The country provides a twist of extraordinaire to your off beaten journey with outlandish attractions and Northern Lights is one of its finest surprises. The Northern Lights look spectacularly bright and clear at places which have low population and less light pollution and these Canadian places fit right in these requirements.

The Northern lights are one such attraction that should be experienced at least once in your lifetime. Gazing at the intense dark sky shimmering in neon bright colours in placid regions seeping in solitude and tranquility makes you feel as if time has stood still for you to appreciate and marvel at the charms of nature.

Stay up late and lay out a blanket right under the gleaming night sky and have a great time clicking beautiful versions of this spectacular wonder that will leave you intrigued and spellbound. Canada solves your dilemma of “where can you see the Northern Lights in Canada?” with these top 5 places which exclusively cater to visitors with specialized Northern Lights tour.

So next time you get your Canada Visa and holiday tour planned, include a Northern Lights holiday so that you don’t miss the opportunity to grab the best seats to witness a surreal experience of night sky illuminations.

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