5 Best Adventure Activities For Women

Adventure activities have got on the bucket list of everyone in the recent past. And why should boys have all the fun? Women too have started coming up with a list of adventure activities and places to visit. In the west, there are groups that cater to the travel and adventure sports activities of women addressing women safety concerns.

Adventure trips and activities are always good to relax unwind and rejuvenate especially in this era of women taking up higher roles and responsibilities at work, home and society. It’s always advised to take up adventure activities in a group so that you are pushed and motivated to do more. Most women go for short and easy treks, paragliding, Skiing, river rafting etc. and below is a list 5 best adventure sports activities for women.

Desert Safari – The best sunburn activity

Desert Safari is one amazing adventure tours one must do. It mainly involves bashing through the Sand Dunes in a 4×4 SUV vehicle. The drive is going to be risky tilting you left and right all over. The sun will be scorching at you and high temperatures of 30 degrees but the chill of the blowing wind might make you feel a lower temperature. But you need to be careful about your skin as it is being exposed to direct sunlight. Sunscreen of 90 or above is mandatory.

In addition, if you can do some skin management stuff before and after the Desert Safari, it will be great. If you want to maintain your skin you can also make different diet plans for management of your skin. Well, you are in luck because you can get all the information about “skin management” plans. Next thing you need to take care of is fluid consumption. Have bottles of water with you in your vehicle and keep consuming it.

Scuba Diving – Spen time deep under waters

It’s commonly believed that Scuba Diving is only for people who know how to swim but this is not true. No, don’t need to know swimming to do Scuba Diving. In Scuba Diving you are fitted with Scuba Diving gears like Body Fins, Oxygen cylinders, and the breathing equipment. Scuba diving vest is one thing you need to be careful of. You need to choose the correct size, else it will affect your flexibility while Scuba Diving. If you are elderly and need plus size clothing for older ladies, getting the perfect size might be difficult. In such cases, its good to purchase and carry your own.

One thing to note is that during Scuba Diving you need to take oxygen in using your mouth from your breathing gear. You should not breathe through your nose. This might lead to a panic situation as we are not used to breathing from the mouth. Also, you might have ear pain caused due to pressure difference when you go deeper under water. There is a technique of breathing out by closing your nose and mouth so that air gets pushed into your ears and thereby maintaining pressure balance.

Paragliding – Fly like a bird

Have you ever dreamt of flying freely and soaring across valleys and mountains? How does it feel to imagine yourself as a free bird, encounter stunning sceneries and drifting across high altitudes? Paragliding is the easiest means to fly up in the sky like a free bird.

A paraglider that is essentially a flying glider airplane used for paragliding. This glider needs to be propelled and launched by foot. The pilot sits on a seat that’s suspended downwards from the long fabric wing. Paragliding pilot may fly for several long hours depending on how climatic conditions are. In India Bir and Billing is the most famous for paragliding.

All this is theory and if you are interested in learning how to launch and fly a paraglider, you can opt for Tandem Flying. Tandem Paragliding has become famous in Vagamon and other places of India after an international Paragliding festival happened in Vagamon. In Tandem paragliding, the wings are made longer than normal so that 2 people can sit beneath the wings. One will be the properly trained pilot and you can simply sit and relax while enjoying the activity.

Trekking – Hardest climb gives the best views

A good trekking experience gives a boost in personal empowerment. It improves our stability, stamina, tolerance level, adjustability etc. Most women prefer short and easy treks owing to physical challenges involved in the longer treks. During a trek, you climb up steep hills, mountains etc and reach the summit to experience the best views of the valley and also the experience the chill of climate and fresh unpolluted air up at the summit.

Ideally, you got to limit your personal stuff within 15KGs. Anything beyond that might seem fine initially but as you go up it would start getting difficult especially for long treks. Take along enough water and keep drinking water and energy drinks so that you don’t get exhausted during the climb. Aspirin, Paracetamol, Band-Aids and muscle pain relievers like Deep Heat, Volini are recommended first aid options you must have.

Sky Diving – Fall freely under gravity

Sky Diving is an excellent but costly sport which involves you going up a high altitude jump point in a helicopter or a mini plane and then jumping there off. The jump point is usually at an altitude of 4000m and this gives the jumper a duration of 60secs for free fall. During the free fall, you will be descending at a speed of 260kmph. At a height of 760m, the jumper throws open his parachute and the fall speed to reduce for the safe landing.

There is also a reserve secondary parachute which can be used if the main parachute fails. On top of primary and secondary, there will be another parachute which is attached to an AAD (Automatic Activation Device) which fires off if neither the primary or secondary are not open under the manual trigger. Once the parachute is open your speeds will reduce and you are in safe position for landing.

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