Best 5 Monsoon Destinations in India

When it’s a subject of Tour To India, no doubt that india has variety of places to visit. People in india are fond of outing during rain. In India there are few places which you must visit once in Monsoon Season of India. Here are Top 5 Destinations of India to Visit in Monsoon Season of India. Lonavala in Maharashtra, Goa, Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu, Coorg in Karnataka and Munnar in Kerala (Country of God) are The Best and Most Popular places of India to Travel in rainy season.

Lonavala in Maharashtra
Lonavla is the best place of Maharashtra to visit in rainy season. Once you Tour To Lonavala, You will see Green Carpet Like Grass, WaterFalls, Amazing Sightseeing and few attractive Ponds. Sightseeing locations of Lonavala will catch your eyes during monsoon season. You can see and enjoy heavy black clouds weather with cool and fresh air. Lonavala is best relaxing place.

Coorg in Karnataka
Priceless smile can only come on your face, when you are in Coorg during rainy Season of Karnataka. Very Cool and Green Fresh Views of Coorg in Karnataka will feel you happy. You must try the best smell and taste of Coffee in Coorg in Karnataka.

Goa in Monsoon
Monsoon is not only the reason to visit Goa. Sao-Joao is the festival of goa which is been celebrated in Monsoon Season. You will enjoy the magic of Nature in Goa with attraction of Mollem National Park, Falls of Dudh Sagar and amazing views of Mandovi River Paintining on Ga’s Sand Cover. Goa is the best and 1st choice of place of Foreigners.

Munnar in Kerala (Other Places in Kerala)
Is it required to say anything about Munnar! Whole Family Members or Newly Married Couples, Travelholics, can plan to go Munnar not only in rainy Season but any time. Munnar is the place to fall in love without any condition.

Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu
Kodaikanal of Tamil nadu is the Gift of Forest. Here you can see hide and seek game of sun and clouds with heavy pour. It’s amazing moment to see this in Tamil Nadu. If you are able to handle madness of monsoon in Tamil Nadu, take a challenge to plan Tour To Tamil Nadu in Monsoon.

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