Top 4 Popular Waterfalls in Mussoorie

Mussoorie is a handsomely snuggled spot situated around thirty five kilometres from Dehradun. The place is mapped in the plopping slopes of Himalayan Range. The entire region has been extremely renowned since the eras of colonialism in India.

If you are planning a holiday in coming days then why not just go for a splendid trip to ‘Queen of Hills’ Mussoorie? Just find out the hotels in Mussoorie and carry out a beautiful time in this hill station.  Don’t worry, as of now, you can take a quick walk through the Popular waterfalls in Mussoorie.

Kempty Falls:

When you talk about the water falls of Mussoorie, KemptyFalls is the spot that crowns the mind. This place is covered with charming mountain ranges and it is one of the chief tourist places in Mussoorie. The water falls is dotted at one thousand three hundred sixty four m and provides the tourists with so much of magnetism and thrill.  At this spot, in middle of natural sites, lovely landscapes, rhythmic sounds of water falls, you can readily feel blissful.

Mossy Falls:

It is another stunning destination in the domain of Mussoorie. It is situated in a thick forest.  The spectacular scenic views and tranquil surroundings are surely going to make you fall in love with this absolutely convivial place. Whether you talk about tourists or local people, you can find a heavy footfall at this place throughout the year. So, don’t stay apart from this lively and energetic spot.

Bhatta Falls:

These falls are dotted seven kilometres from Mussoorie. It is a superb space and is far from the headaches of commercialization.  In recent years, the spot has earned a relished place in the hearts of the tourists. Another great thing about this place is that it caters you myriad of sites and landscapes to capture in your camera. So, in case you are a shutterbug or love nature to the fullest then you must go to this place and capture the charm of these falls.

Jharipani Falls:

Jharipani Falls is a place in Mussoorie that is not just popular for its refreshing falls but also for catering pleasure and splendour. The unfolding cascades, amazing greenery, beautiful landscapes, spectacular sites and lively environment make this place one of the most cherished destinations in Mussoorie. You can capture different sites of this place, dip in the fresh water, taste the natural tranquillity of the area and most importantly, carry out your family picnics here.

Thus, it is nowhere going to be wrong if you say that waterfalls are the true essence of this hill station. These water falls are not only rich in their freshness but in their natural charm and landscapes abundances too. Book rooms in Mussoorie hotels and experience a good time at these different water falls of this hill station. After all, in this buzzing and hectic era, everybody craves pleasure, natural delight and freshness; since you know a destination to enjoy all this, you must not miss it.

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