Harassment: Victims and Defendants: Impartiality for All?

Although this is an old problem, the harassment has been evident over the past year, or because of the example and actions of so many well-known and powerful people. Sexual harassment in all its forms, especially in the workplace, is obviously unacceptable, but publicity and public discussion are particularly counterproductive! If and yes, these accusations are true and significant actions to tackle, they must be taken, but you have to be careful about the potential for political manipulation and the false accusations that are made for the personal political benefit! The Me-Too movement (#MeToo) has become an integral part of this problem, but we need to find a way in which all individuals involved receive consistent and impartial treatment. The simple denial of one is no longer sufficient, but one has to be careful to avoid jumping to the verdict! This article will attempt to review, discuss, and briefly review five considerations.

1. The #Metoo Movement: Prosecutors should feel comfortable, advanced if they were mistreated! The prosecutor must be heard fairly and objectively, no matter how powerful someone is. However, there must be an a2z news today mechanism whereby fees are charged through a place and/or format where the fee is kept private until there is a minimum of evidence and/or assistance to not injure the accused if he is innocent!

2. Negations or Allegations, the Same Facts: How Can We Define a Form, Fairly Treat, Simplify, and Codify Both Parties, The Supportive Evidence They Need on Each Page?

3. The proposed language and the proposed actions are not equal: Although it is wrong to harass someone, either by the use of a particular language and/or by improper acts, the penalty, and the title may also be misused. When we process inaccuracies in an almost identical state, we are doing a disservice to all!

4. Distinguish Between Consensual and Uncommon Sexual Activity: If someone uses their position to demand sexual or sexual favors, it is wrong! However, there is a big difference between infidelity (which is a problem between a man and a woman) and pressure on someone to gain sex.

5. Predators: The lowest, the lowest, are robbers of children! It is disgusting to say that it was consensual, because if you make love with a minor, it is at least unfit, or perhaps illegal and immoral news. We must protect our children from sexual harassment!

The biggest challenge is to properly balance the rights of the prosecutor with the defendant. It’s often a lot harder than it looks!

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