8 Stunning Tips That Will Make You Write Better

As everyone’s becoming advance here, Blogging is increasing and becoming tough day by day. In the past, it was too easy to write articles or blog posts which would go viral will be ranking higher in SERPs and you’ll be getting a lot of bundles of traffic but today the whole scene has changed. Today, while writing articles or blog posts you have to take care of several points or terms to rank that post and get traffic from it.

Writing a perfect and stunning blog post has never been difficult. You just need to take care of some important points while writing and you’ll see your hand written blog post going viral among people in no time.

Enough Talk Buddies let’s move ahead towards the real material. Yes, The Actionable And Proven Tips To Write A Stunning & Perfect Blog Post.

Tips To Write a Stunning Blog Post

1- Understanding Your Audience

Your audience is all you have and neither you nor your blog is of any importance without an audience (Traffic). Try to understand your audience, if you don’t know what they want from you? Why they visit your blog? What are they expecting from you? You can’t be able to write great blog content because if you don’t understand your audience, you will not be able to write the content they need and whatever you write will be nothing more than a stack of garbage.

2- Picking up a Topic & Gathering Knowledge

That’s where most of the newbie’s fail. Picking up the topic to write about is a very important part in writing a perfect blog post. Come on, you have to pick the trending topics in your niche to make your blog posts the perfect. You can use various tools like Google Keyword Planner or Google Trends to find out the trending and hot topics within your niche.

After finding a trending topic, now it’s time to do some research on it to get knowledge about it. Use Google Search Engine and read other’s articles and blog posts about that topic, gather information especially that information which they have missed in their articles.

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3- Picking up a Catchy Headline

After picking up a trending topic, now you have to write an attractive and catchy headline for it. Headlines always play a vital role in SEO so you must include your keyword in it. Use your mind and write an eye catching headline for your blog post.

It’s almost the headline which attracts the visitors because they view the content later after the headline.

4- Using Keywords

Writing a perfect article without basic knowledge of Keyword Density or Keyword Stuffing is just very much difficult these days.

According to Google, you should put your main keyword in the first and last 50 words of your blog post. Do that because Google’s the boss ;).

I would recommend that your keyword density (Usage of Keywords per Post) shouldn’t exceed beyond 1%.

5- Meta Description Plays a Vital Role

Stunned? Why? Dude, the Meta description is among the most important parts you have to take care if you want to write a perfect blog post. While writing Meta description, keep in mind it should be descriptive (as its name suggests). Use your main keyword in the Meta description and make it attractive.

6-Optimizing Permalinks

As Meta description, Permalinks play a vital role to help you stand higher in the SERPs, getting good organic traffic and thus making your blog post just perfect and stunning.

Permalink is actually the URL of your blog post. Whether it’s WordPress or Blogger, while writing a blog post both generates an auto permalink which is not SEO optimized. Edit that Permalink; put your title and main keywords in that permalink and save it.

I highly recommend you to optimize your permalinks because sometimes WordPress or Blogger use numbers in Permalinks which is extremely annoyed to Google and no one can afford to annoy Google. Bet me you can’t!

7-Optimizing Images

Optimizing images is also very important because lots of people do research through Google image search and if your images are optimized, you have a great chance of receiving that traffic too.

8- Conclusion!

After giving a finishing touch to your blog post. It comes the time to the conclusion. Ask your readers while they liked your post or not because reader feedback is always valuable.

Ask them not to hesitate if they have something better to share they think and you can also request them to subscribe and share your post.

Final Words!

That’s all! If you follow these tips accurately no one can stop yours from writing perfect blog posts and emerging as an excellent content writer and famous blogger. Do share your experiences regarding this post and also tell me your results after applying the above tips in the comment box below.


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