Why Australian Teachers are Quitting Within Five Years

Australian Teachers

According to the principal of Melbourne’s St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School, Annette Rome said that “Teaching is not an easy profession in any era and I don’t think people understand that” One out of five teachers leaving the profession in the past few years. According to the survey report of nationwide teachers find that teachers face problem to continue job as teachers in a stress environment and unable to balance work and life.

In the survey, nearly half the teachers in all school system said that they feel stressed most of the time while working in such environment. The survey is conducted by the Australian Scholarships Group and the Australian College of Teachers, it is a professional group for teachers, took the beat of 380 teachers, principals and administrators nationwide.

Twenty-one percent of teachers said they had to leave in the past few years, but when the percentage was broken by school sectors, it is found that 27 percent for government school teachers and 11 percent for private-school teachers.

“A lot of the problems with retaining the teaching profession come within the first five years,’’ said ACE chief executive officer Helen Jentz. “It feels like Education is no more profession. In spite of the hurdles, the survey also finds out a strong trace of gratification and passion for teaching and 96 percent of those surveyed found it very satisfying.

All the teachers are very working hard over the last 20 years to understanding in the public that teaching is a profession as well as it is a very important profession, and it is not an easy job. Helen Jentz said that it is not something that everyone does because they do not have any other thing to do.

Teachers leave teaching profession for more terrible reasons rather than just salary. Other reasons include lack of professional provision, a lack of respect for the teaching profession, casualization, and an obstinate situation where beginner teachers are usually thrown the hardest assignments.

Ms. Rome said old teachers and staff should support the newer teachers, and expert learning could also make the job more satisfying.

Teachers leaving in significant numbers
It is very sad and worst considering the fact many teachers who walk through the school gate for teaching in the last years they do not come after the summer holidays. The alarming things are that it becomes the trend in Australia which is supposed to continue in the future.

Teachers are leaving the teaching profession very rapidly. According to the Australian Bureau Information. The latest figure there is 53 percent of people who have a teaching degree but they do not currently work in a school system.

Another research led by the Australian Government in 2014 found that 20 percent of teaching graduates do not even register themselves as the teachers on graduating, which mean many teachers are leaving teaching profession before they even started.

But still the Australian Government and education community do not find the main reason behind why teachers leave school and precisely how much. And presently there is no effective tracking of teachers who leave the teaching profession.

Rapidly leaving teachers also affect the students, upset teaching staff, school organization and greatly damage students learning. Experts say it also stops education departments from finding teacher lacks and planning for the future.

Still, there is a wondering question that why that job with lots of holidays and great salary packages still not retain their workforce?

Australia going to have a teacher shortage
Philip Riley is an associate professor at Catholic University in Australia; he is conducting a research on teacher’s abrasion. According to him, the main problem is that no education community is gathering and organizing data on a federal level. “There are nine education systems that all are run parallel across Australia,” Professor Riley say.

Professor Robyn Ewing from the University of Sydney, who also doing researches on teacher abrasion, and he agrees that the present systems for data gathering need improvements.

Professor Ewing also says, that this problem occurs in Australia because there is no reliable data and figure on this issue and many teachers start teaching as temporary or unplanned. They only track those teachers who are permanent. The current national data from the Australian Government find that an average of 5.7 percent of teachers left the teaching profession in 2014.

Professor Ewing says that government fined that there are thousands of teachers on the list. Which may be mean that they just registered themselves as a teacher. Many has moved to any other profession or teach just for a temporary period.

“So a true fact is that Australian schools are going to have a shortage of teachers.”

One figure that adds weight to Professor Ewing’s argument is the alarming percentage of those who leave the profession shortly after graduating. The alarming situation for Australian education community is that most of the newest teachers leave school within the five years of graduating from the teaching job. That is about 40 to 50 percent of teachers.

The reasons behind Assignment writing service the leaving schools are various but very common in all teachers are they feel exhausted, disheartened, helpless and unsatisfied. Many do not feel secure permanently in this profession.

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