Tips for Effective Removal of Construction Waste

Construction Waste

Whenever a building, renovation and refurbishment project is executed a considerable amount of waste is generated that need to be removed rapidly from the site in question to ensure flawless construction. There is little doubt that when you have heaps of construction waste lying on a site, building professionals can’t perform their work effectively.

Construction is a very intricate process wherein different kinds of activities are performed by the workers on a daily basis, so clearance of the waste on a regular basis is extremely crucial to provide a perfect working environment to them. If you fail to remove the waste from the site it reduces the productivity of the workers. In addition to that, it also results in accidents such as tripping and slipping which can sometimes have fatal health consequences for the workers.

You can work on a site that is crowded with building materials such as leftover cement, concrete, concrete blocks, bricks, bonding agents, coarse aggregates, and metals etc. Whenever you order construction materials in bulk without a proper material estimate, you see a lot of wastage which must be avoided. Make sure that you order each item after referring material estimate to prevent wastage.

Keeping you construction site clean by removing the waste generated daily helps in providing safety to the works and enhances their efficiency like anything.

So, if you want to provide a safe working environment for building professionals, here are some really helpful tips for removing the waste properly.

Hire the Services of a Skip Hire Company
You can resolve most of the problems associated with the disposal of construction and demolition waste by hiring the services of a reliable skip hire company. Skips are very important for removing waste from your site, so finding a well-known skip hire company in your city remains highly important for you.

You need skips in different sizes to deal with different types of waste, so hire them as per your requirement. If you are working on a large scale building project make sure that you have sufficient skips to manage the waste.

Apart from hiring skips, you can also take the advantages of roll-on roll-off containers, tippers, grab hire and wait and load services offered by a skip hire company to remove the waste from your site.


Separate the Waste Materials Properly
For the effective removal of construction and demolition waste, it’s truly pivotal to separate the waste materials in a proper manner. Use different types of skips to pick up the debris and stock them in different places after segregating them. For example, separate all those items which can be reused and pile them in one place. Then pick all those items that can be recycled and stock them in a separate place with the help of skips. Similarly, pick the debris that can’t be used again in any form and stock them in a separate place.

Transfer Recyclable Items to a Recycling Facility
Construction waste that you believe is recyclable must be moved to a recycling facility. For saving your time and money it’s better to pick a recycling facility that is nearest from your site. You can send items such as masonry, roofing, windows, doors, appliances and fixtures, lumber and wood products, and metals etc., for recycling.


Store the Materials That Can be Reused
Materials such as wood, bricks, and concrete etc., which you believe can be reused should be stored properly. Designate a proper place to store reusable items and use them immediately when needed. This helps in reducing the amount of waste that you dump in the landfills, which is really very good for the environment.

Dump the Waste in a Landfill
Use roll-on roll-off containers or grab hire to dump those waste materials in a landfill which can’t be used again in any form. For transferring large volumes of waste from your site to a landfill it’s always better to go for grab hire.

If you consider the above-mentioned tips effectively, you can easily get rid of the construction waste produced on your site.

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