There’s Nothing Else Quite Like Jose & Maria Barrera

You are elegant, refined, distinct. You lay claim to nothing but the most highly refined senses of taste and discretion that education and experience can afford. You’ve seen the jewelry on the market, largely an impression of or a descendant of a vision or a design that has been seen before. But you also are a connoisseur of the finest things, and therefore have been exposed to and absorbed not only the newest looks but the hardest to find, the most unique. That’s why when you have caught the style of the pieces from Jose & Maria Barrera, nothing else will do. That’s simply because there is nothing else like it.

The styles you find in their line of jewelry are entirely one of a kind but in their distinction, they are also possessive of a singular and uncommon measure of splendor. Always at the front of design and never following in the footsteps of anyone, they are eternally exclusive. The designs you will find in Barrera jewelry are unique and deeply impressive, striking the viewer and the wearer alike with awe and admiration. Not to be duplicated, Barrera jewelry has set the bar very high for designer jewelry, regardless of the market or the effect.

The choice accessory of many celebrities, Jose & Maria Barrera jewelry has been designing and handcrafting jewelry in New York City since its inception. The mysterious influences from which they draw their inspiration may remain so, but the result is a line of jewelry that cannot be measured against peers. Nowhere else will you find such movement and complexity that retains an overall image of cohesion and identity. Perhaps this is why the allure of Barrera jewelry is so unparalleled. It is motion and stillness, complexity married to simplicity, exotic but dignified.

Among the necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that are the design of Jose & Maria Barrera you will find not only the color in precious metal and gems to match or create any look you desire, but you will find an entire world of possibility. Pieces like their Angel Coral and Arum Stone Hoop Earrings bring an immense amount of motion and complexity into an exquisite package, with the fine degree of granular complexity that at once presents itself. By contrast, their Carnelian Crystal Button Earrings appear to the first look as simple globes, but within their makeup is an entire canvas of glittering Swarovski refinement and motion. Many of their Hinge Bracelets fix a textured and fluid golden substrate to a partnership with crystal and semi-precious stones that can only be enjoyed but never replicated. Between examples like these, there is an entire realm of luxury and impression to be explored and found nowhere else.

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