A-Z Glossary of Online Marketing Terms

Online Marketing Terms

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A-Z Glossary of Online Marketing Terms

For building any so called ‘harmonious’ organization, it’s necessary for the SEO’s of various companies to maintain a sustainable relationship between themselves. So here are 7 notes from In-house SEO that an Agency SEO should jot down in order to run a successful organization. All the seven golden points are stated below:

Team work is the key to success for BOTH
This rule depicts that more hands are needed by me than the available budget to get anything hacked. We have to work as a team without interfering in each other’s work. That’s the only way by which we can serve our SEO’s interest. Actually my point is “understanding makes any job easier”!

Don’t underestimate Inhouse SEO’s
Actually I suggest you to work and grow together. I would say I may not be secretive about the mobile image search ranking signals that contain farm images. I just want to it clearer that I am aware of my subject very well and rather than schooling me, you can team up with me and share knowledge. This way it would be a win-win situation for both of us. The main focus here should be to “grow together” and not to teach other SEO stuff which could actually sound insulting.

Don’t try to be the boss
You should not presume authority among your coworkers whom you don’t know. Always be mindful about this one. Once you have CC-ed it to the other management people; you’ve just bought a pack of conflicts from the management.

Continuing with the header, you just have to stop doing “just” something. Rather just stop there and think it twice. Your updated knowledge on technical aspects will add up to a list of actions that will be set up in point format, gradually assessed by the management-line people who think agile project management is a Swede delicacy. This things will take time to implement, less chance is there to implement it on one go.

Gear up and keep your eyes open
In the financial records of the salaries, in-house is another alternative name. It however cost hundreds, if not in thousands in the consultancy fees. There is an extraordinary relation between how much you are worth of and how right are our executives. Take your steps in this field wisely.

Online adoption maturity might not sound welcoming
Many companies, even software based also, are facing problems to change the mentality towards newer operating system as windows 7 instead of windows XP. There may be many specialists in the field who are roaming around but not so worthy and influential. Make your intentions clearer and mark it as bold in your plan.

For Heaven Sake, get your execution in sync with organization needs
As I suggested beforehand to clean up all the idiotic advice in the likes of creating pages, sub-pages, sub-sub pages of all types of products we deliver, likewise I would again suggest you to work out on the benefit of cost analysis. Your numerical SEO results are made by real live people in real live situations.

In my last but most important rule among these 7 golden rules, the most striking part is it might not be the optimal SEO but it will be optimal ROI.

Lastly, to brief this thing simply, the agency SEO and the in-house SEO has to come closer and give a team effort. To work together with a greater understanding, with a brand new imaginative and beautiful start which will gradually take our company to the zenith of SEO world. Gracias!

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