Business Lessons to Learn From The Movie Iron Man

Movie Iron Man

A huge box office hit of 2008, Iron Man not only blew away the censor board, but also the comic book fans. Robert Downey Jr., who played the role of billionaire industrialist Tony Stark, got mountains of praises from the audience for turning himself into an inspirational character and fighting the big, bad guys!

It is no surprise that Tony Stark was a badass hero as ‘The Iron Man’ and one cannot deny the fact that he’s a prominently successful entrepreneur.

Though it is true that he took over his father’s company, it isn’t essential for you to be served with a business in a platter to make it a huge success. All you need is a dash of boldness, good business sense and an entrepreneurial spirit – be the next SUPER HERO in the business world! Well, speaking of the movie and Iron Man himself, there’s a lot that you’d love about it. Yet, you may not be aware of what a business owner can get to learn from the film.

If you’ll dig deeper you’ll definitely find a plethora of inspirational content and here we’ve enlisted some of the lessons you wouldn’t like to miss out on!

It Is Okay To Not Nail It The First Time
Exploring the ropes of a business is an unending process and not a one-shot pact. In the movie, Tony doesn’t just create one version of the armour, in fact 3 of them. Though Mark I was slow and lasted only 15mins, it helped him escape from the cave. But once he was back home, Stark right away started working on the 2nd version and took it for a test flight in the spur-of-the-moment. He faced issues with this one as well – the suit freezing upon reaching an incredibly high altitude.

Nonetheless, by the end of the movie, he comes up with the 3rd version, building it upon the stronger points of the initial 2 suits whilst keeping their weaknesses at bay. Here, the bottom line is – though Stark couldn’t nail the suit in his first attempt (well, given the circumstances he didn’t expected it to be bang on!) he never gave up and knew that he needs to work on his previous mistakes to come up with something extraordinary!

Similarly, every entrepreneur must learn that it’s alright to make mistakes and go wrong, because that is how you’ll learn and won’t do the same thing again.

At Times You Got To Run Before You Can Walk
Have you ever come across the saying, “You’ve got walk before you can run”? It sounds logical, doesn’t it? Well, Tony Stark decided to turn it the other way round; he said, “Sometimes you got to learn how to run before you can walk.”

Speaking of what he said, we can see this in the scene when Jarvis (Stark’s AI butler) warns him about the calculations that are yet to be finished before the suit could be taken up in the sky. Despite that, Tony responds by blasting the suit off and learns how it fly it first-hand. Being an entrepreneur, you can go over with a fine-tooth comb and brood all you want, but you won’t master the business by not taking up risks and trying out stuff.

Of course, studying business and reading books on it is helpful, since you ought to know its nitty-gritty before stepping in the real world. Yet, the other half of the world is to get out there and actually do it! So, if fear is what is stopping you, then here’s an inspiration tip- when you’ll actually go out and do things, it’ll edify you with loads of other stuff that you won’t have come across in books.

Always Be Eager To Grow
When Stark finally understood that his “Stark Industries” activities are harming people, he came up with a decision to shut the business down and re-consider its directions. In reality, even you have to adjust and alter the way you work provided your approach is no longer effective for the company. Change, of course, is an unavoidable part of being a business owner, but it’s the same when it’s about your life on the whole. The better you’re able to become accustomed to the constantly evolving situations, the bigger will be your success.

Do Not Be Serious 24×7
Though Tony often found himself in terrible situations, he never used to hunker down and mull over its seriousness. Instead, he tried finding humour in it so as to disseminate the stress and get off the edge! Starting and running a successful business comes with its own challenges and you’re bound to face continuous stress. But, what you can learn from the film is you must always see the brighter side of whatever comes towards you so that you do not end up driving yourself crazy.

To sum it up, by watching this movie, you get to learn two things. Firstly, you will not always have everything exactly how you want it. Secondly, you will not always get everything you want, either.

So, always rise above the challenges and make use of them to improve yourself and be a better person, both in your personal as well as entrepreneurial life!

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