Must-Have Features for a Hospital Meal Delivery Cart

Meal Delivery Cart

Whether a hospital is a large or small, you’re likely to see a meal delivery cart or two traveling the hallways. This cart allows patients to get their meals on time each day. If you’re the manager in a hospital kitchen, you need the best meal delivery carts you can find. Look at a few desirable features for meal delivery carts for a hospital environment.

Doors That Firmly Close
The doors on a hospital meal delivery cart must close firmly in order to keep the meals warm for patients. Also, doors that close firmly guard against trays falling out of the cart in the event of a quick stop or a sharp turn. A locking mechanism on the doors of the cart is a plus.

Durable Wheels
Durable wheels are a must-have on a meal delivery cart because hospitals have all types of flooring. There is likely a tile floor in the kitchen area, a slick, linoleum floor near the patients’ rooms and a bare cement floor in the basement of the hospital. Heavy duty casters on a hospital meal delivery cart allow the cart to travel smoothly over all types of floors.

An Adequate Number of Compartments
If you work for a hospital with hundreds of patients, you may need hospital meal delivery carts with a couple dozen compartments for trays. Alternatively, if you work for a smaller hospital you may need to order a cart with fewer compartments. You want to order one that makes meal delivery quick and efficient.

Easy to Clean
This type of cart should be easy to keep clean. A daily cleaning with a mild cleaning solution, hot water and a cloth is standard for most hospitals. Every few months, a more thorough cleaning of the compartments, doors, wheels and undercarriage takes place. This cart travels throughout a hospital and must be kept as sanitary as possible.

Lastly, taking the time to look at the different styles, sizes and wheels on carts can help you find exactly what you need for your hospital kitchen.

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