How To Handle a Project Management Crisis

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How to Handle a Project Management Crisis

SharePoint as Intranet is top notch. In fact, the Microsoft SharePoint Intranet Portal is getting more and more awareness thanks to the competitive pricing and ease of use. Here are some things to see:

Installation location is pretty flexible SharePoint as Intranet is fast to install with MSDE the Document Library alerts are brilliant Administration can be carried out at either site or top level the indexing service allows you to source internal SPS resources or remote, non-SPS resources

There are quite a few reasons to upgrade or buy into SharePoint. It’s a massive upgrade to the 2010 version and there are multiple noticeable improvements to social computing like social networking via My Sites, mobile computing, cloud integration, office integration, search and much more.

SharePoint administration is a challenge. Troubleshooting outages takes time and during that time, critical work may just grind to a halt. Without SharePoint, users might not be able to finish proposals, interact with customers or send out invoices. So maintaining the portal takes special expertise.

But, in fairness, it’s not a solution that will fit every company. There are some problems that persist with SharePoint yet the challenges and bugs are not as persistent as 2010.

Here are the obvious improvements:
Mobile – there is enhanced mobile access experience which did fall short in SharePoint 2010 but it present in SharePoint 2013 Web CMS – there is an enhanced publishing and management interface which employs the ribbon from Office Cloud – feature parity cloud version Social – enhanced social networking which was seriously lacking in prior versions Search – the search isn’t quite the absolute best and it does require considerable configuration work causing it to underwhelm users but it’s not that bad. Social networking – the newsfeeds and My Sites are still separate to the main intranet Branding – it is easier to implement new custom designs on SharePoint 2013, but be wary of customization.

So there are a few pros and cons. SharePoint intranet is ideal for small to medium size users in a .NET environment that requires a web development platform that focuses on enterprise content management. It’s not a cheap solution and does require a lot of work. Some intranets, however, do feature a lot of customization and customized web parts, such as those for Social feeds, Calendar, Invoicing, Sales pipeline and Client projects.

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