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It’s tough to let go, but sometimes you just need a change. You’ve gotten years out of your Mac, but it’s not the machine it used to be, and your eye has begun to wander. There are other products on the market you’ve been looking at–faster products, with better displays. When you reach that point when you know it’s over, reach out to us at Mac Me An Offer. Since our founding in 1995, we’ve become one of the most trusted names in Mac purchasing. Sell Your Apple Mac to us today, and you’ll receive a great price for your product because we work hard to provide you with the best value for your Mac. First, visit our website and find the product you want to sell, then fill out the submission form. Next, we send you an offer with the price that we’re willing to pay for your Mac. If you decide to accept, you’ll notify us, and we’ll send you a prepaid shipping label that you use to ship us your device. Once we receive your product, we’ll send you payment within three business days.

There are also a few little things you can do to help you make more money off your device. Most importantly, you should clean it. Buy a professional cleaning kit. They don’t cost much money. Wipe down the display and the keyboard. Get out all the gunk. This saves our engineers time, giving your product higher value, and it makes your device look a heck of a lot better overall.

You should also remove your files. Wipe the computer clean in this sense as well. Ideally, you’d purchase your new Mac before sending in your old one, so that you can transfer all your information over to the new product. If you can’t, make use of an external hard drive. You never know where your computer may end up, and you don’t want any of your information falling into the hands of another person. Remember to remove authorization to your Apple accounts. Apple backs up your Apple ID and iTunes in the cloud, so it’s no big deal to remove authorization from one device.

Finally, if you’ve got the original box that your Mac came in, repackage it, along with any accessories that may have come with the box—such as the charger, user manual, etc. These can increase the value of your product because it adds to the sense that the machine is newer, or less used, than it may actually be. Getting a used Mac in its original box is the closest a customer can come to buying it new. Furthermore, it’s a sign that you’ve taken good care of your Mac.

At Mac Me An Offer we also purchase Macs in bulk. If you have over five computers to sell, please check out our website, where you can find instructions as to our bulk process. You’ll have to fill out a spreadsheet detailing the serial numbers of the devices, their models, their processor speeds and types, and whether mice, laptops, and AC adaptors are included.

Sell your Apple Mac to Mac Me An Offer, and you’ll encounter some of the best customer service in the Apple community. Contact us today at 800-581-8987, or at to get started.

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