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Such quick developments in technology makes 4 out of 5 CEO’s look under prepared to the technical challenges of next 5 years. There are three basic areas you need to focus on in today’s marketing environment. According to me, coming 5 years will see more technical developments than the last 25.

Technology that Fits Your Business Phase
It is obvious, but never gets overwhelmed by having just a sheer amount of technology available by checking where your business lies on the growth curve. Be honest to yourself about what phase you are actually in. If you are not into R&D phase then social media technology can help you access customer’s sentiments. If you are currently into analysis phase or the growth phase then data analytics can help you refine a message, customer experience and offers.

Relevance of Technology
Social media can reveal anyone’s secrets. Different companies use social media and reveal a lot about them in different ways. Social media is an unprompted source that you can access quickly and is easy to discover, not just who you need to engage with but How, When and Where? And today, Data privacy is a myth you can easily effectively without any invasion to privacy whatsoever.

You don’t need to know everything and you can’t
This applies to both wealth and the little amount of all the types of technology you have. For example, finding out the mood of audience in 10 minutes is more important in terms of their interest to buy, than a whole raft of historical analysis and numbers.

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The Guide to MarTech Today

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