WhatsApp Group Admin is responsible for the abhorrent messages?

WhatsApp Group

At present, WhatsApp is used by billions of people by actively sending messages and communication over voice and video calls all over the world and its value is increasing each and every day. This gigantic messaging service was acquired by Facebook and this app is extremely free to use. The experts and the developers of WhatsApp started this service initially by using the contact number based messaging app to communicate each other and now finally it changed into a huge service. Because of the popularity of the service among the folks, the developers started to add more and more features on WhatsApp.

Sending of Messages
It is possible to broadcast a single message to multiple numbers of people. In order to proceed to this step, just click on the menu and select ‘New broadcast’. An option is also available to send the same message to a group of people by adding the contacts in the recipient list. One can select from the names from the instant contact list.

Formatting Text
A person can also send messages in bold or italics. It is better to use special characters before and after in order to get the formatting of the person’s choice.

Find out the person whom you chat a lot
If you are eager to find the person whom you are chatting frequently in WhatsApp, it is simple to find out. Just simply scroll through the chat screen to find the person who is frequently chatted. But, if you have erased out the messages or if there are multiple numbers of messages, then it is difficult to find out. To go ahead of this process, just move on to the Settings option and select the Storage Usage. One can find a list of contacts which are instantly available and these contacts include the frequently chatted people and here you can find out how much of data you have sent or received during all chats. One can also find out who is your perfect companion. This feature is only available for the iPhone.

Save the Data
If a person is in roaming or on a slow or expensive data network, one can choose reduce the data consumption by selecting the automatic download option.  While in roaming one can choose selectively download the video, photo or audio. In addition, one can also select the ‘Low Data Usage’ to diminish the amount of data used during a WhatsApp call.

Mute Chats and Groups
If you are more disturbed by more number of messages that are sent in the group, you can simply mute the group or the particular contact to stop alerting you. One can also choose to mute the audio alert including the notification respectively. The messages will be automatically received when the mobile data or the wifi is on but it can be viewed only when you start the WhatsApp. In order to go ahead with this step, select the contact or group and choose the mute option from the menu.

Control the Privacy
If you are not interested in showing anyone on the contact list that you are using WhatsApp, then you can choose the option of ‘last seen’ option to be turned off from showing up on their screen. One can also select the disable blue ticks and also select the privacy for the profile photo. Move on to ‘Settings’ and find the ‘Privacy’ option. However, if these options are disabled one cannot see the same from contacts too.

Share Documents
Recently, WhatsApp has also started allowing a person to send and receive the documents too. This document includes PDF, Excel and Word Files and on the other side of the flip, the photos and the videos are allowed for sure. It is simple to attach a document to a particular chat and also share the documents. The Gifs also came into existence and it became more popular among the folks.

Read the Messages without Blue Ticks
When a person reads a message, he/she can also send back a notification to the sender. By this way, they can also know that the person has seen the message. However, if you don’t want to send a notification (blue tick) back to the sender, a person can read the message without them knowing it with the two simple tricks. If a person wants to read a message, then simply eradicate all the data networks to the phone. Use the option of airplane mode and turn off the wifi mode.

Open WhatsApp, read the message. Once you are done with the process, close the WhatsApp by killing it from the memory too.  An app killer is also available for this option and then starts the data again. This one is a tedious process. If a message arrives, one can read the entire message without the acknowledgment of the sender. Then simply scroll the message on the Widget. Anyway, it is better to be safe, because if you click on the Widget, you will trigger WhatsApp and a blue tick will be sent across all over.

According to the Report
According to the report, it has been made clear that any rumor information on a social media group can result in a legal case against the group administrator. There are several groups on the social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc that are named on the newsgroups and also the other groups with the other names that are spreading the information that is not an authorized one. These messages are being forwarded without the cross checking. The report further added the statement that every admin in a group is responsible for each and every statement or that post that can affect the religious sentiments will be committed to punishment. It is said to be that the freedom of expression on the social media is an important one; it also comes with a great responsibility.

About two hundred million WhatsApp users in India, each and every group administrator of the social media should be able to enter the new phase of responsibility and the ownership of the group. In order to avoid any religious problems or rumor, the administrators of the groups are advised to add the individuals who are close to them and know them very well personally.  If any critical situation arises, then the admin is expected to remove such members from the group. If any action is not taken against the group admin, then that particular person will be considered guilty and the action will be taken against the group admin.

When such a post or any rumor is spread all over the location, the post must be reported legally to the patrol people and the action will be taken by them under the specific rules and regulations. It also directs the cases which come under crime law, Information Technology Act and if there is any violation arises then IPC will be filed. The opinion of the Supreme Court and the high courts will also be considered while initiating the action in the initial stage. In a point where the social media is flourishing, the filtration of the content will be done by the WhatsApp administrators.

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