Top 14 Agriculture Industry Applications

Agriculture Industry

Agriculture which is the cornerstone of Indian economy will maintain its status and position for years to come. It is a trait which needs an exhaustive expertise to function. Featured at present are several apps with respect to farming and agriculture which is altering the functions with respect to farm entrepreneurs. Information regarding agriculture is accumulated by using guiding systems, sensory technology, and intelligent machines.

The apps suitable for agriculture enhancement are listed as follows:

Farm At Hand
This is featured as one of the most convenient apps with regards to agriculture. It provides farming guidelines, information, and data thereby assimilating the user with farming knowledge. It monitors the aspects related to scouting, planting, harvesting and much more. The data is secured in the app and it is not available for sale to any third party structures. The users can share the data only with their co-workers.

This app is integrated with a very useful tractor navigation software which assists the farmers/users with respect to farming. It is an alternative for a basic guide assistant over the other expensive products. This app is present only for Android users.

This app is featured for functionality on both Android and iOS systems which enable farmers/ users to scout crops and zero down on the pest related issues. The app is a good answer for issues pertaining to weed invasion,bug problems and the various diseases associated with the fields.

Drones related to agriculture are the latest vogue with respect to the agricultural industry. The app Agribotix is integrated with an advanced drone to provide various details regarding the scope of agriculture in the given field. It particularly focuses on the affected areas and generates health maps. The drone amasses a lot of images of the field during its survey and the app supplies top notch standardized data for people who are observing the end results.

This handy app integrated with cloud platform allows farmers to view the crop archives, soil information, rainfall, other weather-related aspects, current season’s crop health plans and other such features. The data is synced with respect to all the farmers/user’s device even with an inadequate signal and net connection. Users can estimate their inputs with respect to the current season, view growth related research and generate agriculture-related maps & charts with the help of the app.

ID Weeds
This app enables farmers/users to identify and remove weeds from their fields by making use of the details regarding habitat, color of the plants, the root system etc.

This app was the result of a brainstorming done by the fusion of Agricharts and Farming. Featured are useful data related to the weather, markets, and other such information and news related to agriculture.

Cattle Market Mobile
This app is the apt one to get news regarding local cattle auction set up by the state government and other such systems. It features a calf and gestation calculator as well. The latest integration of the four USDA commodity reports are the most current rationalizations.

SoilWeb functions by using the GPS of the user’s phone to determine the soil categorization, they are standing on and it provides invaluable data with respect to the soil like the type, the organic matter and lots.

Tank Mix Calculator
As the name implies, this app is used to simulate a tank mix with efficiency and instantaneously. The users have to enter the dimensions and mathematical details with respect to the tank and then choose the chemicals to be immersed. As a result, the app will provide the user with the quantity of load required to be sprayed on the field.

Wunderground assists the users by supplying the most recent weather information on their devices. The app is integrated with 180,000 weather stations providing weather predictions for localities close by, the present forecast, radar and other such amazing features.

GPS area measure
This app measures the area in the map and supplies reliable data regarding the dimensions and the other mathematical attributes regarding the targeted area. For instance, when users manipulate this app with respect to spraying, the users can identify the areas which have and not been sprayed respectively.

Connected Farm
Connected Farm alters how the farmers/users manipulate the GPS embedded within their phones with regards to field charting, marking and for scouting information. This free app permits users to obtain an answer for any agriculture-related queries. The app amalgamates the photos snapped along with the scouting parameters.

Mobile Farmer Manager
This app for iOS users guides them to access any map or an analysis from any year. Users can scrutinize archived details. The users can make use of the GPS integrated within their phones to find the field location. Further soil sampling trials can also be carried out.

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