7 Best Apps for Paramedics

Apps for Paramedics

Whether using your mobile phone as a tracking device during a rescue mission, locate nearest emergency services or simply relaying patient’s healthcare information directly to the doctor while in an ambulance, mobile apps brought a revolution in medical industry. These smart applications are mostly free while some are paid to unlock complete features. Just in case you’re looking for an online doctor app, here’s a list of a few useful ones concerning paramedics especially.

1. TrackerAssist
This specific app is designed by a former police officer that turns a smart device such as a mobile into a personal tracking device. TrackerAssist features an interactive map pinpointing user’s location that can be sent to responders whereas a typical user can also call emergency numbers right from the home screen.

TrackerAssist can be deemed a versatile online doctor app to transmit electronic media alert to family members and emergency respond units including paramedics. It’s thus ideal for parents, hikers, field workers and all those engaged frequently in outdoor activities for dealing with emergency situations.


2. Drugs.com
Drugs.com let users to find crucial drug information, identify medicines and keep a record of personal medication on a mobile device. It’s a complete medication guide app that includes an online database of drugs which can streamline search, customise information and direct users/patients on how to take different drugs at the same time or during intervals.

A cutting-edge feature of this app is its database that also comes with phonetic search ability through which you can ask questions about particular medication, identify pills, shapes and colours. Users can also schedule their personal medication, interact with doctors and paramedic staff in case of emergencies, tell about side effects of the dosage, consumer information and much more.

3. MediSafe
This online doctor app by MediSafe is regarded as a complete health app that synchronises with Android Wear smartwatches to send timely reminders such as taking medicines. The platform also includes branded versions for hospitals, can connect with electronic medical and health tracking systems to assist patients, paramedics and professional physicians’ altogether. In fact, users can safely export or email medical information to the doctor directly from a smart device having this app installed and operational.

4. HealthAtHand
Yet another online doctor consultation app is expected to launch in the UAE is HealthAtHand which is also a complete smart medical solution in your pocket. For video consultation, you can use the app to connect directly with the doctor, book an appointment without untimely delay and keep a check on user/patient’s overall health by tracking medications and all. It’s compatible to both iOSand Android platform while extremely useful for general users, patients, paramedics and medical emergency response teams.

5. Explorer for ArcGIS
The GIS app is designed for respondents such as paramedics to share maps via emails, text messages and other methods offered by the app platform. Explorer for ArcGIS allows searching for specific information relevant to the assets, determine relativity of the assets to the current location and share information with others. The user-friendly interface includes a sketching tool that lets users to mark a particular route directly on the map and share this information with others using the app.

6. Emergency Respond Guide
The Emergency Response Guide (ERG) can share printed information directly with the Department of Transportation and compatible to both Android and iOS platform. Once installed, this app guides in detail about certain Potential Hazards, Public Safety and Emergency Response. In short, it is a much comprehensive online doctor app with innovative functions and an ideal training tool even for new users.

7. FiRST
A combined effort of Department of Homeland Security and Applied Research Associates created fiRST; a smart app that’s originally created for paramedics and emergency respond teams to manage bomb threats. It can also forecast weather in disaster stricken areas to prepare in advance for the downpour.

Listed above are multipurpose apps serving the medical industry on a much wider scope so make sure you’ve one or all installed in your smart device.

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