Top Changes in Customized ASP.NET Development Services

Custom ASP.NET Development Services

ASP.NET, developed by Microsoft, was designed for customization. It is a server side web application framework, which means that it has a customized user interface. But this is not the only reason why ASP.NET has been such a popular framework. Its ability to support dynamic and fast web apps and services has put it among the top choices for developers.

One of its strengths is Microsoft’s commitment to this framework. Since its launch in 2002, it has been modified a number of times, each time coming back better than before. Last year Microsoft made a number of impressive changes. This year again it ramped up the standard as part of its Visual Studio 2017 modifications (ASP.NET ships with the MS Visual Studio). Some of these make it ideal for custom ASP.NET development services.

Open source:
The ASP.NET Core is now open source. It means you can download it and start working! It also makes it possible for developers to completely customise their design.

Cross platform:
Portability is probably the single largest requirement with web frameworks today. With so many operating systems competing with each other and each with an impressive user base, independent developers can no longer design for just a single platform. Fortunately, Microsoft has fixed ASP.NET earlier issues with Mac and Linux and now it runs on all the three major OSs: Windows, Mac and Linux.

This is a simple and easy framework to work in. For instance, the new template tool in the Dot Net command has been made incredibly easy. When you run “dot net new”, you will see a selection of templates with the languages they support. You can also create your own template. But templates are not the only handy tool in DotNet. Tasks like form submission, site configurations and client authentication have always been easy.

Security has always been a major concern for any ASP.NET development, given that it is used to develop web pages. But as server side language, the code is never actually visible at the browser. Now Microsoft has added another tool to its security arsenal. The Google Chrome browser can be added as one of the clientside debuggers. It means that Google Chrome users can now run their debugging program in the browser.

Easy to maintain:
Since the source code for the ASP.NET pages are compiled in one place, it has always been an easy framework to maintain. One can manage and modify pages at one go.

Enhanced functionality:
The Dot Net command has long been a developer’s best friend with the number of tools it provides. Not only did the tools made your work easier, they also ensured excellent functionality of the apps. The .NET Framework 4.7 adds to this feature of the framework with added functionality to ECC and support for additional curves. It also enables custom ASP.NET development services.

Better memory management:
The ASP.NET has a new set of APIs that allows the replacement of memory monitoring, memory limit reactions and in memory object caching in the default ASP.NET implémentation.

Involves less coding:
The ASP.NET has a number of very handy tools that can help us in virtually every aspect of building a website or app from its template to the debugging. This also means that there is less code to write! Less code makes easy error correction since there is not much to go through.

Better containers:
In the Visual Studio 2017 ASP.NET Core projects, container user has been made considerably easy to use. You can add Docker container at the start of a project or to an existing project through the Solution Explorer. You can also debug the project inside the container without effecting other containers. Windows support has been made more comprehensive and efficient. You can add Windows support to ASP.NET Web Forms, MVC, or Web API.

Publishing options:
Publishing has been made smoother with a number of options, such as Azure App Service, Azure Virtual Machine IIS, FTP or a folder, With Visual Studio 2017 ASP.NET Coretooling is now .csproj tooling. The new ASP.NET Core project template also gives one better options: Empty, API and Web Application.

In short, the ASP.NET has a number of tools that make it ideal for customised ASP.NET development services.

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