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Health Care System

The medical industry is upgrading constantly, and this is not restricted merely to health care treatments and practices, but with healthcare administrative systems too. In this fast paced world, where people are in a scurry, the healthcare domain is the most agglomerated sector.

People are tired of waiting in the queue for a prescription or piece of paper for hours. Keeping this in mind, the Electronic Medical Record has been invented for aiding patients get their solutions in a faster way. The variegated EMR Software in India have an upper hand over paper based records and is a key to success in the medical domain owing to its effectiveness, reliability, variety of items covered, prompt searching and above all prompt service of apps.

Profitable Business and Better Care with EMR Software
This is computerized software that facilitates document registration as well as keeping files. Extensively used in medical facilities and hospitals, the Electronic Medical Records have become immensely popular in India and are incredibly useful for doctors, nurses and other staff members.

The immense popularity of Electronic Medical Records
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is a digital documentation system that is applied by institutes that provide medical services such as Hospitals, Clinics and Nursing Residences. The effective transformation from a paper-based patient chart, the EMR software is extremely advocated in India and other developed nations across the globe as it allows for additional precise data transfer as well as storage and access. Medical practitioners today need to save space, organize and make the accessibility of records easily. This is the prime reason why Electronic Medical Records in India are becoming all the more popular.

Patient care manifold with EMR software
These days more and more health practitioners are making the shift to EMR as the e-record system has brought about a whole new dimension. It has boosted up patient care manifold thereby enabling healthcare providers in coming up with an accurate diagnosis and above all minimizing their possibility of errors. EMR has proven to make the patient record-keeping process easier, more efficient, accurate and more comprehensive. This software enables doctors to enter data electronically and also make the availability of patient’s complete history immediately. Health care providers can make use of a laptop, desktop or an electronic clipboard in navigating patient’s record notes and charts.

The 7 E’s of EMR Software in India
The Electronic Medical Records in India possesses an easy implementation and conversion. The 7 E’s of EMR includes:

  • Learn
  • Use
  • Install
  • Customize
  • Maintain
  • Rely on
  • Easy on budget

Experience safer patient care
One of the key benefits of using the Electronic Medical Records is for patient safety. The way a physician obtained patient’s health history in the past was by asking them. Every time a patient paid a visit to a new doctor, they had to fill up forms about their history, which included the medicines they take regularly, previous surgeries or anything they are allergic to.

If a piece of information slipped out of the patient’s mind, or they did not pen it down considering it to be trivial, then their physician would not have that particular piece of their medical puzzle for working with. But with EMR coming into the picture, doctors only require to ask their patient’s name, contact number, birthday and other small identifying information.

With the help of this information, a doctor can easily pull up the records of their patient from the electronic storage space. The best part about the EMR software in India is that, patients can see every piece of information they require to see in full.

White paper files are likely to be lost, stolen, subject to a natural disaster or damaged, but Electronic Medical Records in India circumvents most of these untoward situations with better safeguards. Digital medical records can cut down the risk of medical errors such as giving wrong prescriptions, performing wrong procedures or administering incorrect dosages. This software is capable of providing patients full health history right from birth till death along with offering more accurate and competent health services.

Owing to the fast paced life of the healthcare domain, handwritten records are often completed rapidly and carelessly. Due to this, it may become difficult on the part of the physicians, nurses or other medical staffs in reading the records properly thereby producing negative results. Based on this record, there are high chances that patients may be given wrong treatment. But with the availability of EMR software in India, medical institutes can eliminate these errors and lessen instances of mistreatment.

Electronic medical records help in contributing a better, affordable and faster medical care. It aids medical institutes and insurance companies to transact in speed and with ease. Knowing that one’s health record is easily accessible and confidential to their doctors via Electronic Medical Records makes it a truly rewarding service which physicians can offer to their clients.

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