What Guarantees Mobility’s Success in Healthcare?

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Almost all developed countries in the world and even some of the developing nations have realized the benefits of mobility solutions in healthcare industry. This realization has compelled some nations to pass laws and adopt policies that motivate healthcare professionals to make use of mobility solutions. While healthcare professionals are well-aware of the benefits of embracing EHR, EMR solutions etc., the benefits alone are not sufficient to ensure success.

Understanding the Participants and Their Requirements

When we talk about mobility solutions in healthcare, two primary parties are involved which can be termed as givers and takers. The professionals like doctors, nurses, etc. are the care givers and the patients are the takers of those services. So, a good mobility solution needs to take care of both of these parties. Here is a brief look at what general expectations would be:

Easy to Use: Both caregivers and patients want the solution to be user-friendly with simple features that can enhance the relationship between a doctor and a patient. This means straightforward links to prescriptions, dietary recommendations, and also a way to connect with the doctor in case of emergency. The requirements of the involved parties might get more complex in a setting where users are more knowledgeable.

Easy to Access: The whole point of having a mobility solution is to be able to access it from anywhere anytime. This also involves both doctors and patients. For example, a patient who stays far from the primary caregivers’ clinic would benefit from quick access feature of the mobility solution. Similarly, a caregiver who is away for some reason can resolve patient queries through a single medium.

Easy to Maintain: This expectation is mainly limited to doctors and nurses who want to embrace solutions that are easy to maintain in terms of record keeping and retrieval of information. This also involves the security perspective where both parties rely on development partners to take care of the threats and keep the data protected. Although, this is a core requirement of businesses, nowadays patients are also worried about their information leaking online.

Ensuring Success for Everyone Involved

A mobility solution that is able to take care of the expectations of all the involved people is likely to be successful. But, then almost all available solutions take care of these core requirements and not all solutions are successful. It is true that these act as the foundation pillars to a successful solution, but there are several other factors that play a vital role. Let’s look at these in detail:

Easy to Implement: The first step is often the most difficult and this stands valid for a mobility solution. For clinics that have been relying on papers for a long time, the transition is often difficult. Many businesses give up solutions at this stage because of the effort involved in transitioning for papers to electronic copies and also in training their employees to adopt the solution.

The answer here is to select a partner who will not only provide the solution but also implement it by taking care of data migration and employee training. Even if this means some extra investment, it is definitely worth it.

Easy to Scale and Secure: Businesses of all types might want to scale down or scale up in future and that is why it is important to select a solution provider who provides scalability to meet your future requirement without having to go through all the trouble once again. Scalability is generally not a problem because almost all service-providers are geared up for such needs, but a little precaution is always better.

Additionally, security of the patient data is of utmost importance. In a mobility solution, the Software is not functioning in a controlled environment, it will be downloaded on different devices putting it as risk. Thus, it is important to provide state-of-art security that lends credibility to your solution.

The mobility solutions in healthcare are continuously evolving and companies are including new features that can enhance the overall user experience. While new features are like top-ups or bonuses, the core requirements like user experience, security, implementation, etc. still remain the center point of all healthcare mobility solutions.

This article is shared by patient management system developer to explain the Mobility’s Success in Healthcare. If you have any doubt or want to know more about the technology, kindly comment below.

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