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Google Hangout

Do you socialize, communicate and make relationship? You do right!! But how would you do, when the person who do you want connect with, is not around. You must be thinking about online…Yes you are going right. There are several web conferencing services out there if you get connected to the Internet. Which one should you choose?

Google+ Hangouts is one of the best web conferencing services. It allows us to connect with family, friends, and colleagues. Your intention to connect with people could be either personal or professional; it caters everyone with its dynamic features. However, many times we get mails from people asking “How to create Google Hangout”. As they find difficulty to create Google Hangout meeting.

Below is step by step solution to create Google Hangout Meeting

Finding Difficulty in Creating Google Hangout Meeting?
There is a certain procedure to schedule or create Google Hangout meeting to fix an appointment with people on the internet for gathering targeted audience that is required to perform video conference on a particular topic or subject on which discussion is held. Other than this, clients can be offered to go for video conferencing to get started with online meeting using Google Hangouts with Air. An appointment can be scheduled quite easily but there are certain steps that need to be implemented at the earliest.

  • Create a new event on your Google Calendar even for 2-3 months or a year from today’s date.
  • Now select Google+ Hangouts aligned under the video call section.
  • Fill in the entire details and click on the save button
  • Now select an event on the calendar and click on Edit Event.
  • Once it is done, right click on Join Google+ Hangout and then select Copy Link Address.
  • As you complete the previous step, open a new tab in a web browser and type
  • Once Vcita dashboard is updated, navigate service settings page. Now click on Add service and edit an existing one.
  • Now select edit option along with General and give a name as per your choice.
  • The click on Edit under scheduling section and provide information regarding how the conference will be performed and its time duration
  • From the drop down list of Appointment type, select the option Online along with URL which will be sent to the email address of audience.
  • Now provide the minimum duration of the meeting which is 30 minutes.
  • Once all the details are filled up, click on save button to make changes effective.

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