How Virtual Private Network Helps Healthcare Organization?


Historically, only large medical industries could afford a secured network, which was normally created through a private communication channel such as leased lines. But nowadays, connecting to internet is almost a compulsion for providing network related services to patients. As we know, Internet is not a secured network therefore healthcare organizations should implement some extra security measure to provide security to their confidential data.

One of the best solutions is Virtual Private Network (VPN) for data security. VPN is a collection of technologies that creates secured connection or tunnels over regular internet lines – connections that can be easily used by employees and trusted customers from anywhere. The key advantage offered by VPN network is Data Privacy.

Data Privacy
As we know personal data collected in hospitals should not be disclosed or shared by third parties. Overall, data privacy is an important aspect and technically it refers to the relationship between technology and legal rights to public expectations of data privacy. The challenge is data privacy is to share data while protecting the personally identifiable information. In healthcare industries, it is a standard practice to share health data only in aggregate. The idea of sharing medical data in aggregate is to ensure that only non identifiable data is shared.

Protecting data privacy in information systems
There are several technologies that address to privacy protection in medical software systems. These falls into two categories: communication and enforcement.

Policy Communication
P3P (Platform for Privacy preferences) is a protocol that defines the information about individual that can be disclosed or shared between two medical software systems.

Policy Enforcement
The Policy Enforcement of data privacy is performed with the help of various access control services like XACML (Extensible access control markup language), EPAL (Enterprise Privacy Authorization Language), and WS-Privacy, etc.

Now it is easy to protect medical data for any healthcare industries by using latest data privacy techniques and standards.

The post is by Joseph Macwan is technical writer with a keen interest in business, technology, patient portal software and marketing topics. He is also associated with Aegis Health Tech which offers Patient Portal Development Services.

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