Importance of EMR Software & Solutions for Integration

EMR Software

Electronic medical record (EMRs) has brought revolution in the medical industry. It has surpassed the traditional task of recording and compiling medical records. Initially, the entire patient’s data had to be jotted down in papers and files. This was very tedious and time taking process. But the emergence of EMRs have eliminated this compiling and filing work.

EMR software records patient’s history, treatments, and medications prescribed etc and other related records electronically. It eliminates the need of relying on paper work every now and then which can lead to errors. Medical practitioners can devote more time in understanding their patient’s needs. The delay in writing prescriptions can be avoided and all the patient’s information remains updated all the time. The EMR software also reminds about the upcoming tests or appointments.

About the Software

The use of EMR software and electronic medical records are very safe and secure. They are password protected and different types of information can be accessed by receptionists, nurse and doctors to ensure patient’s security. The aspect of lost or misplacing of documents can be eliminated through EMRs. The problem of deciphering the hard to know hand writing of doctors can be eliminated too and pharmacists do not have to assume and can provide correct medications to patients.

Benefits of the Software

Apart from reducing volumes of paper work to be done by doctors, EMR software is highly reliable and any patient’s data can be searched easily without wasting any time.

The doctors can attend to more patients every day and thus it will help in increasing his/her efficiency.

Transcription costs and labor expenses can be reduced and electronically recording of documents can save a lot of space in your office too.

EMR software is not only beneficial for doctors but they are also useful from a patient’s point of view. Patients can view their medical data online and can contact their physicians too. There can be some personal information which the patient wants to discuss with their doctor only; EMRs are highly useful as sensitive information can only be shared between the two.

This software also helps in reducing the wait time for taking appointments and helps in reminding the patients about their next appointment.

EMR Integration Solutions is strengthened to the relationship between medical practitioners and patients. EMRs streamline all the workflow on the part of medical practitioners.

Aegis has developed EMRs and electronic medical records focusing on today’s needs. What the doctor’s want in the software and what the patient’s expect, all these needs and requirements are kept in mind, while designing EMRs by Aegis. The software is easy to use, powerful and works like you would normally do.

Aegis EMR software is designed in such a way that workflow is automated and clinicians can pay more attention to their patients. This EMR software can record problems, signs and symptoms, medications, laboratory data and progress report of the patient. With Aegis EHR software solutions, it becomes easy for practices whether big or small to automate and simplify the work while increasing the quality of patient care.

EMRs help the doctors in achieving goals of cost effectiveness while focusing on patient care. Administrative costs are reduced as paper work records take up a lot of space in your clinic. Errors can be reduced and paper work becomes negligible. Encrypting the data and use of passwords can help in safeguarding proper safety of patient’s data, thus providing the clinicians peace of mind.

Switching to EMR software can be a bit difficult and expensive initially, but it can save on cost and time in the longer run. Office staff can quickly print patient’s lab results, discharge formalities and helps in integrating billing and coding procedures thereby increasing the accuracy of medical work.

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