Improved Physician Satisfaction with Outsourcing


Medical billing is both a challenging and demanding task for medical practices. Owing to this, several physicians are making the choice of outsourcing their medical billing to professional medical billing companies. If one looks at the anatomy of medical practices, the prime focus of the physician is patient care.

This is everything they care for. There are staffs in the laboratory, nursing and radiology area that together co-ordinate for patient care.

Often times, medical billing is an afterthought. Despite there are staffs within the practice who take care of the billing, yet billing is a highly complex task. Billing changes, its rules and regulations keep changing from time to time, and hence it is a real skill and talent for doing the billing.

As a result, physicians opt for outsourcing their billing which along with saving money and time also aids in eliminating the burden to concentrate on a plethora of facets of the medical organization.

Outsourcing Serves As a Better Functional Platform

The constant turnover trend is a big problem especially with private practices and these wreck havoc on billing departments. Hence, outsourcing the billing task to a professional medical billing service and revenue cycle management will offer stability for their practice and also give their practice access to expertly skilled and experienced trained workers that their practice could neither find or afford on its own. No wonder physician practices should choose outsourcing for untold reasons namely;

  • Staff stability
  • Lowered overhead
  • Increased reimbursements
  • Group purchasing power
  • Securing a strategic associate for an enhanced profile future

The need for a flourishing outsourcing relationship

Outsourcing relationship management is vital as it ensures utmost value from the investment made thereby providing world-class services to esteemed customers which is what the physicians look upon for the betterment . A flourishing outsourcing relationship management rests on the way a requirement is defined, the objective is described, how a vendor is selected and also the way in which service level agreements are written. However, the essence of a flourishing outsourcing relationship is proper communication.

Quality: a pre-requisite
Accuracy in transcription, billing, coding as well as claims charge information is decisive to obtain accurate and timely payments. An insurance company will right away deny a reimbursement owing to incorrect information. The top 4 checkpoints of quality control include;

  • Billing error
  • System error
  • Specification error
  • Checking for typo error

How Physicians Are Benefitted From Outsourcing Companies?

Healthcare IT Outsourcing companies take care of three key components of quality. These include;

Quality requires these firms in looking at their business from the physician’s perspective and not theirs. By having a clear knowledge of the transaction life cycle catering to the physician’s needs, these companies discover what they see and feel. With this understanding, they carefully identify areas where significant improvements can be made from the physician’s perspective.

Health providers expect reliability, performance, on-time delivery, competitive prices, correct and clear transaction processes, better service and more. In every attribute which influences physicians’ perception, the outsourcing companies are well aware of the fact that just being good will not be sufficient. Delighting their customers is a prime necessity.

Every employee in these outsourcing companies is well trained in billing techniques and statistical tools of Quality, thereby leaving no room for complaint.

The medical billing services offered by leading IT companies help physicians in keeping up with the changing insurance guidelines, annual updates on CPT and ICD codes and state laws with the help of Practice Management Solutions. Other tangible benefits comprise of reduced write-offs, improved collections, follow-up on every denied and rejected claims, reduced staffing issues, reduced training time, improved physician and patient satisfaction, improved flexibility of the firm and minimum accounts receivable time. Such richness in the medical services attracts the physicians toward making outsourcing as their strengths.

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