What to Look for in Your Mobile EHR

Mobile EHR

Some see Mobile EHR as simply the next step in healthcare IT. It takes healthcare on the go, accessible at all times through the mobile. It makes healthcare more efficient, effective and improves on patient experience. It gives doctors and caregivers the freedom to provide healthcare on a much more time-bound basis, minimizing the hassle of paperwork and permissions.

But selecting an EHR is easier said than done. A Good EHR has to be more than a minimized version of their desktop organizer. It is a portable all-in-one and hence, must have the tools that you need to run an efficient practice. Here are some of the things every EHR must have:

Ease of use:
One of the problems with some of the mobile EHR out there is the navigation. The last thing you want when diagnosing a patient is fumbling through 10 different pages to reach what you need. It is important that you find the interface convent and easy to use. Not just that, it should also be able to give you all information with the least effort.

This may seem like a non-brainer (since scheduling is one of the biggest jobs in any healthcare concern), but you will be surprised at how many mobile EHRs fail at this. What makes it tough is the lack of standardization. Some people may need repeat appointments, some may need longer consultations and you may also need a window for emergencies. There are too many factors to be considered. Additionally, all these factors will differ from one organization to another. So, your EHR scheduler must be similarly flexible and customised to meet your requirements.

An EHR which does not have a good charting tool is of absolutely no use. But not any charting tool would do. You need a charting tool that you find easy to use and which can give you the required information without clicking on ten different pages. The other thing you must look for is the template. Most EHRs will give you a choice of templates so that you can find one that suits you most. But you also need a template to be flexible so that you can make minor changes to suit your conveniences. You may also need a separate link to notes in the templates. This will help you to access complete patient history at a later time.

EHR work efficiently only if they have the infrastructure to back it. Two of the vital connections are the pharmacy and the lab. The EHR is meant to bring efficiency and connivance to your work. So, it’s essential that it links you to the lab and saves from the tedious task of constantly referring to lab results. Connection to pharmacy ensures that medications are available on time. A good infrastructure when coupled with efficient scheduling also saves you and patients valuable time.

With technology has come the menace of data theft. It is essential that your EHR has top-of-the-line security system or has a tie-up that you can access. Remember, as a doctor or caregiver you are duty bound to protect information of your patients.

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